Lone Star Saloon Camo Replacement

LONE STAR SALOON CAMO REPLACEMENT The owner of the Lone Star Saloon in Richmond says he’s going to demolish what remains of the 120-year-old building at 102 and 106 S. Third St. and build a “gorgeous” new 4,000-sq.-ft. nightclub in its place. A fire last November gutted the brick structure and destroyed displays of American Indian memorabilia collected and installed by the previous owner. “[Bill] Lindquist, who owns the Lone Star along with his wife, Beverly, said last month he will rebuild the Lone Star as a large one-room nightclub, with a bandstand, dance floor, large modern bar and a kitchen. . . . ‘It’s going to be a metal building, camouflaged not to look like a metal building,’ Lindquist said.” [FortBendNow, via Hair Balls]

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  • That’s awful news. Downtown Richmond is actually very pretty and historic looking. A metal building doesn’t sound very nice aesthetically.

  • Not only are you quite right, Tasha, but it’s all the more a pity because Calhoun St. (the narrow lane between this building and the railroad tracks) was the best place I knew in town to see what Texas civic history was looking like when it wasn’t meaning to be either pretty or historic ‘looking’ to anybody.