Lonely Corporate Plaza Lot Now Proffering Affections To Nearby Office Workers

Corporate Plaza site, Kirby at Norfolk, Upper Kirby, Houston, 77098

A sky-high reader (and self-proclaimed messenger of love) sends this shot of the lonesome-heart-shaped puddle sequestered away these days behind the wooden wall around the former site of Corporate Plaza and its Swamplot Award-winning parking garage. The increasingly grassy land doesn’t appear to have gotten much action since the erection of the heavier-duty fencing last October; no plans to change that any time soon seem to have been announced yet by the lands new owners, California-based developer Triyar.

Photo: Swamplot inbox

Hopes Up on Upper Kirby

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  • Triyar is the same company that own three dead malls in our city; Pasadena Town Square (Now called Plaza Paseo), Greenspoint Mall (aka Gunspoint), and And San Jacinto Mall. The former two malls each have a Macy’s store that’ll be going out of business very soon along with West Oaks Mall. Triyar is not a good company to do business with. It runs each property down to the ground with absolutely no promises for the better as things gets worse, just like Northwest Mall. That Mall will be shuttering its doors for good permanent without an uncertain future ahead after March 31st. The inside stores will all be scrambling for new locations as the news have already hit hard for the shoppers.

    I hope Northwest Mall will breathing some fresh air after all of the 290/610 construction mess goes away in the year 2018.

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