Watch Corporate Plaza Fail to Demolish Its Demo Crew with Surprise Garage Collapse

Yesterday’s unexpected acceleration of the parking garage demolition at Corporate Plaza hasn’t stopped plans to continue the ongoing deconstruction at Kirby Dr. and 59. An office worker across Kirby caught video of the narrow remaining slice of the 7-story structure tipping over and collapsing onto the excavator that had been tugging at a spot on the 5th floor.

The video (which also contains running commentary and a few surprised expletives) shows the other excavator and the rest of the demo team gathering as the dust clears to check on the operator, who emerges from the machine unscathed moments later. A Cherry Companies spokesman told CBS that the demolition work would continue as scheduled despite the office park’s attempt to turn the tables.


The Corporate Plaza I building is already in the early stages of its own disappearance; as can be seen in the video, the north walls of the midrise have been removed from the upper 3 stories, which appear to have been totally cleaned out of any walls or by-now-also-cleaned-out desks.

Video: Andrew Grizzle via YouTube

Turnabout at 59 and Kirby

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