Memorial Assistance Ministries Spreading New Wings, Courtyard, Parking Lot in Spring Branch

With $3.3 million already raised, Memorial Assistance Ministries began construction last week on the first phase of a $4 million, 17,000-sq.-ft. expansion: a new and bigger parking lot extending onto what used to be an open field. Early next year, the nonprofit, which helps out families in need and serves as a last backstop before homelessness for many of its clients, will begin adding 3 separate Kirksey-designed wings to the tilt-wall building the same architecture firm designed for it 6 years ago at 1625 Blalock, north of Long Point in Spring Branch. First up: filling in the building’s back yard with more administrative work areas, more warehouse space for the MAM resale store, and an enclosed courtyard. Once that portion is complete, builders from Brookstone Construction will move on to enlarge the resale store, add a new educational wing called the Center for Family Independence, and insert a drop-off area between them, closer to the new parking area on the north side of the building:


The store (which features used clothing and household items and helps fund the organization’s programs) and all of MAM’s services will remain open during construction — expected to be completed by this time next year. The organization’s work is supported by 29 separate local congregations.

Images: Memorial Assistance Ministries

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  • Ive been to the NAM store on Jones rd. What a joke. You couldnt give me one item in that store. It was pure junk! How they stay open is beyond me.

  • This article refers to MAM (Memorial Assistance Ministries) on Blalock in Spring Branch. The MAM Resale Store is really organized, and gets “new” merchandise all the time. There is a good selection of quality furniture, home goods, and seasonal merchandise. Plus, the proceeds benefit all the programs at MAM to help the community.

  • #2, thanks for clearing up that MAM/NAM thing. I realized that the piece was about MAM but thought poster #1 had made a typo.