Metro Now Hedging Against Inevitable Reliant Park Light-Rail Renaming Backlash

NRG stadium, NRG Park, Houston, 77054

METRO is currently seeking some public input on replacing the Reliant Park light-rail stop’s outdated moniker. The agency’s preface to the poll notes that the naming rights to the station itself were never a part of Reliant’s $300-million park-branding deal back in 2002, and  says any new name “needs to be reflective of the area, but should not include any reference to a corporate entity which might require another change in years to come.”

Setting aside any potential consideration of that plan from a reader to go ahead and get nearly 30 potential future name changes over with at once, the nominated names currently in the running are (drumroll):


  • Stadium/Arena Station, which Metro does note is “perhaps not distinctive enough,” but would likely always be technically correct;
  • Astrodome Station, because Astrodome;
  • Holly Hall Station, nodding to the nearest cross street along the Fannin-hugging section of rail line;
  • Whatever else you think would be better (with a box for write-in candidates)

Photo of Reliant NRG Stadium: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool

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