Moving Day at Maryland Manor

MOVING DAY AT MARYLAND MANOR A Swamplot reader sends in this update on the progress at 1717 Bissonnet, where the Maryland Manor apartments are still standing in the way of the Ashby Highrise: “I live around the block . . . and it looks like all the tenants are out. We have noticed fewer and fewer cars in the parking lot, but as of this weekend they are down to only 3-5 cars. We saw multiple moving trucks all weekend and lots of abandoned furniture at the dumpster. So I am guessing the demo is starting soon.” [Swamplot inbox; previously on Swamplot] Photo of Maryland Manor: Candace Garcia

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  • Bring it down and get the show on the road!

  • My understanding is that everyone was put on month-to-month back in December with no definite end date. It’s been a slow bleed, but I think most folks (including rice grad students) are opting for more stable leasing agreements in light of the tight rental market.

  • What “tight rental market”? If anything I see more listings than ever before, particularly commercial office space. Is something going on in this city, or is it having a fire sale that i never got the memo about?

  • Knock it down and make room for the new wonderful highrise!!!!

  • Dave, if you’re a Rice student or grad student, it’s a very tight rental market. There are very few properties left within biking distance of Rice that students can afford.

  • @Dave: Go ahead, I’ll wait while you browse HAR for a few minutes. Then come back to me and tell me you still don’t believe the rental market is tight. Heyzeus is correct, the market is tight for rentals that DON’T start at 1300-1400$ a month in that area. Used to be…

  • Yep, very little affordable housing inside the loop that isn’t $1200 or more. I can’t afford that. Please, please, developers and rental market, don’t make me more outside the loop. I have lived in Montrose since the mid 80’s.

  • Next time count the lease available signs at strip malls, office buildings, etc. The city is emploding, you cant rent a 1 bedroom anywhere for less than 1100 usd anywhere in the world including africa, mexico, the middke east, its called global inflation, dont be dumb, look with your own eyes.

  • Dave–please go troll somewhere else. Houston is not emploding (sic).

  • @ Sally: Hmmm, somehow you’re missing an entire half of “inside the Loop” that is east of Main Street. I think there should be plenty of options in that area to spare you the endless pain of moving outside the Loop.

  • The only two parts of the city I could imagine Dave living in (and never leaving) are Sharpstown, Greenspoint or the oldest parts of Clear Lake. Everywhere else is on fire.

  • *Three, forgot about Clear Lake until the last second