Neighborhood Guessing Game Over: Kids These Days

All those Inside-the-Loop guesses meant some of you weren’t too far off the mark in this week’s Neighborhood Guessing Game.

The most popular guess was West University, made by 4 of you. The Heights, Winlow Place, and Woodland Heights each attracted 3 guesses. There were 2 guesses each for Rice Military and Highland Village. The rest? Southampton, Southgate, “the area behind the River Oaks shopping mall on West Gray, bordered by Shepherd to the west, Westheimer to the south and Montrose to the east,” “the Hyde Park area behind River Oaks Center,” “the Post Oak/Woodway corridor,” Nantucket, West Lane Place, Montrose, “High End Montrosian,” Mandell Place, “near the Village,” “that vague area between Kirby and Shepherd that is neither River Oaks nor Montrose,” “Audubon Place – around there or east of Montrose at least,” the east side of Montrose, Lynn Park, Weslayan Plaza, “between W. Alabama and 59, somewhere between Shepherd and midtown,” “Kingwood-ish,” “southeast of the Medical Center, off Parkwood,” Midtown around Brazos and Main, “Southmore/Wheeler/288ish,” the Museum District, The Woodlands, Westmoreland, Riverside, Southmore, “on the way to that old cemetery . . . I drive down to get to Lockwood via Leeland . . . near Wayside” (?), St. George Place, “around the Museum District – but east of Montrose,” “along the Gulf Freeway on the east side,” Midtown, and East Houston.

Who was the winner? LT, who humbly asked if “between W. Alabama and 59, somewhere between Shepherd and midtown” was too broad a guess. Not if it’s the only one that’s correct! LT went on to marvel:

I just can’t [get] over how CLEAN the place is – I don’t know anyone with kids who has as little clutter as these people.

Congratulations, LT!

Two players deserve honorable mentions for smart catches. JT, for going that extra step to guess that the house is a “red brick Georgian”; and Starkeshia, for deducing that this was “a new house meant to look old.”

Meant, in fact, to look like this:


Location: 1746 W. Main St., Lancaster Place
Details: 4-5 bedrooms, 4 1/2 baths; 3,638 sq. ft. on a 6,750-sq.-ft. lot
Price: $669,000
The Scoop: Gated 3-story red-brick Lancaster Place house-in-town dating from 2000, a stone’s throw from the Wilshire Village apartments. Home theater prewired, upstairs and down; hardwood floors. 4-car garage with 2-bedroom apartment; also attached first-floor efficiency “quarters.” On the market since late March.

Didja figure it? Good job, players! And lurkers, how about joining in when we play again next Tuesday?

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  • i cant even figure out a house that is 1,000 feet from my own front door

  • So – it wasn’t a mediocre rehabber- it was one of those builders who thinks he is an architect! Or an architect who graduated at the bottom of his/her class. Next time, I will try the dart on a map method – my results would probably be better!

  • I love that this one fooled a bunch of you into thinking it was an old house!

  • Jessica, No kidding. This looked relatively new to me, too.

  • Sorry…can’t resist….I TOLD you SO!

  • So wrong, so wrong. You got us good, Gus!
    A huge ugly house (looks like the front end of an old movie theater) with tiny rooms and an icky retro 70’s bathroom. I bow to the superior perception of all of you who argued for recent construction.

    I was right about the incorporated MIL suite, though. I derive no small comfort from that.

  • The facade of this place could win an ugly contest!

  • I can’t believe I won! I never win anything (except for the 5 pounds of cheese I won when I was 6). This has made my Friday.

  • Very good choice this week Gus. Sure had me way off.