New Bigger Showroom at MAM’s Resale Shop Is Open Now

Construction of the complex’s overall expansion isn’t quite finished yet, but a new section of the resale shop at the Memorial Assistance Ministries in Spring Branch will open officially for the first time this weekend anyway. And oh, by the way, says the group’s marketing manager, in advance of that the shop at 1625 Blalock Rd. north of Long Point is actually open already. The new section adds 4,000 sq. ft. of retail space to showcase more of the used clothing and household stuff people keep donating. Another 4,200 sq. ft. was also added to the warehouse area to sort through it all. New totals: 14,000 sq. ft. for the store, plus 8,400 sq. ft. in the warehouse. The program’s executive director says the store typically generates enough income to fund MAM adult education programs and other assistance for more than 800 families.

The new store space, designed by Kirksey, is at the northern end of the complex’s original building (in the front at right in this new photo):


Overall, the additions begun last year will add more than 17,000 sq. ft. of space to MAM. Brookstone Construction isn’t quite finished with the service area and office spaces, though. They should be complete by late October or early November, a MAM spokesperson says.

Photos: Memorial Assistance Minsitries

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  • Gee, for the good old days when people in Spring Branch would not have needed ministerial charity.

  • I thought this post was about MAM’s House of Ice and a possible non-trailer location. Now I’m sad :-(

  • MAM provides unemployment counseling, ESL classes, transportation, clothing & utilities vouchers, and rental assistance due to the store generating about one million dollars in sales last year. The donations from the 30 or so member churches is fantastic but more volunteers are needed.

  • Chuck: wow. Sounds like a pretty worthy group. I’ve offered to pay some of my guys weekend hours if they volunteer their time on Saturday or Sunday. This sounds like a good place to send them.