New Dog Boarding House Bar Signing Up for the Shuttered Shady Acres Liquor Store on W. 19th

At least 4 different breeds are at play on the central lawn in front of Houston Dogbar & Boarding, but only humans are depicted with drinks in hand. Still, animals might be the ones that spend the most time in the new venue planned across from Hubcap Grill on W. 19th St.: preliminary permits filed for the project describe it as a “Dog Boarding House and Bar/Lounge.”

A pet reception area borders the park on its west side, opposite the bar:


The half-acre lot at 1122 W. 19th is now home to the pair of structures pictured below:

Formerly Charles Liquor, the one on the right is now vacant.

Renderings: Dog Bar HTX. Photo: Zillow.

Booze and Hounds

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  • Please say this is going to be similar to the Boneyard. Houston has really been missing something like this since the Boneyard closed down years ago. I just want a place where i can drink a beer and let my dogs run around with other dogs in an enclosed area.

  • I think is that having a drink here would be “ruff”

  • No way are they going to be able to maintain a grassed play-yard, as pictured.
    The Bone Yard was great, for awhile – but as it became more crowded, it became more fetid. Some owners weren’t capable of cleaning up after their dogs, nor able to control them (or owner tempers) when skirmishes occasionally arose. A large dog park provides more space and an escape route for the less-dominate breeds, four and two legged.

  • Taking “Hair of the Dog” a little bit literally

  • Dogs rule, maybe the bar owners can repurpose a Zamboni to periodically “re-ice” the playing surface.

  • “A dog walks into this bar…”

  • I’m pretty sure both of the older structures were demolished 2 weeks ago.
    I like the concept, should prove popular in the neighborhood.

  • good idea having a dog pee on your shoe is a good icebreaker..boom

  • Artificial turf. Just had a synthetic lawn put in for a client. It has an anti-microbial layer underneath and lots of differently graded gravel layers for great drainage. Woof!

  • This seems interesting. My only comment would be that the one time I tried patronize Charles Liquor, I found it to be so far behind Ramos and Fiesta Liquor that I neither purchased nor returned. Maybe it had a cheerier place in earlier neighborhood lore. Maybe it was just across from the dry line.

  • Too many disgustingly lazy dog owners in this town. This place will smell like dog $hit in no time.

  • Awesomeness, another hipster bar along W 19th St west of Durham. Any bets on how long it will take the City of Houston to actually do the street improvements so parking and traffic don’t get out of hand….oooppps it already is. Just drive down 19th on any given Thursday/ Friday/ Saturday afternoon and count the number of cross-over SUVs in the ditches. Will the TIRZ put money into this area,…. fat chance, this is their cash cow to pay for boondoggles in the Galeria and Montrose. What’s an old skool hoodlum to do…. Keep the shady in Shady Acres ya’ll.

  • @In the Doghouse

    What part of TIRZs don’t you understand? Perhaps all of it? TIRZs are area dependent so any taxation and spending has to be made in the same area as defined by charter. The TRIZs in Montrose, the Galleria and a multitude of others don’t cover the Heights. The Heights currently has it’s own TIRZ … complain to them.

  • @In the Doghouse: Hey now, hipsters are not that bad! Better than your average cowboy who doesn’t have money.

  • I hope they serve Bud Light in cans!

  • Well us common folk just know that TIRZ means more property taxes that we pay for things that benefit the few. Those TIRZ areas are so gerrymandered to suck in commercial property that they make the PA congressional districts look contiguous. So we long term hoodies in Shady Acres with a bungalow pay to make Heights Blvd look pretty while we have to deal with gentrification by townhome farms and traffic problems from hipster bars. As for me I’ll just wander off with my 40 oz of malt liquor goodness, a couple roller dogs all the way or mystery meat tacos and pass out on the neighbors lawn. Keep the shady in Shady Acres ( which is not part of the Heights BTW) ya’ll.