New Modern Acupuncture Clinic Now Pinned Between Starbucks and LensCrafters in River Oaks Shopping Center

Here’s the 1,340 sq.-ft. storefront Modern Acupuncture is now stuck in near the east end of the River Oaks Shopping Center building that hugs Origin Bank on the corner of W. Gray and Shepherd. The clinic took over the vacant spot at 2021 W. Gray earlier this month after women’s wear shop Em & Lee abandoned it several years ago. It’s the chain’s first treatment center in Houston, although 2 others are nearby in Webster and Sugar Land. So far, the company has 23 locations either open or in the works across 10 states — and expansion plans call for 20 more in and around Houston alone.


Photos: Swamplot inbox

You’ve Got a Point There

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  • Forget about Modern Acupuncture for a moment, and let’s talk about that LensCrafters next door.
    Are they oblivious to how inappropriate that alteration is to a Moderne building?
    Or is “eyesore” some sort of visual pun to promote their business?

  • The owner, Weingarten Realty, is actively sabotaging the vintage architecture of the River Oaks Shopping Center by slowly adding junk facade treatments like Lens Crafters.
    By gradually covering up the historic Moderne architecture, Weingarten hopes people will forget about it and they can eventually demolish the entire center.