New Pseudo-Heights Identities Being Forged for Former Ironworks Buildings at the Brunner-Katyville Border

You might not immediately gather, from the pastoral setting in the rendering above, that this is a view of what’s planned for the former Berger Iron Works property, tucked around back behind the Walmart at Yale and Koehler streets in the section of Katyville last rebranded as Washington Heights. (The footprint of the land is marked as a little blue rectangle in the map above.) The new name Riverway Properties is applying to the retail-redo-to-be appears to be Bonner Heights (presumably after Bonner St., which runs along the quiet western front of the property). Here’s how the 2 buildings on the site could be split up for leasing:


The renderings manage to avoid showing off the Walmart, the nearby townhouse farms, and the up-and-coming Alta apartment midrise, through a combination of heavy clouds, vegetation, and artfully selected perspective:

Also not shown: the other property Riverway bought from Berger, which sits directly across Bonner from the retail development.

Images: LoopNet

Ironworks Rework

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