No, This Daring Fly-Through of the Fourth Ward’s Dramatic Bethel Church Park Wasn’t Made from a Computer Model

By now, most of us have probably been tricked once or twice by an incredibly realistic rendering of a building that we thought was an actual photograph. Here’s something that might do the reverse: If after several viewings, you still suspect this fly-through of the 10-month-old city park forged out of the former Bethel Missionary Baptist Church at 801 Andrews St. in the Fourth Ward might have been created at least in part with modeling software, you should be excused. But it’s actual aerial footage from Seventh Ray Films, using a DGI Phantom 2 quadcopter — with a fair amount of post-production work to achieve a more “cinematic” look.

Video: Seventh Ray Films

Can Your Drone Do This?

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  • Pretty cool. If you glazed the roof and put a farmer’s market inside, it would look a lot like one of the market halls in Budapest or other Central European cities.

  • This is what they need to do to the Dome.

  • If you walk through the alleyway on the side of the church, you’ll find a historic marker tucked away back in there, which gives the history of the building. Apparently, it has burned down a number of times. A few years back you could still see the charred beams that were supporting the structure if you looked closely.