Now on the Market: The Stucco Villa on Houston’s Museum Corner

The Museum of Fine Arts’ Caroline Weiss Law Building, with extensions designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, sits on the southeast corner of Montrose and Bissonnet. On the northeast corner of the same intersection, there’s the Cullen Sculpture Garden, designed by Isamu Noguchi; the Contemporary Arts Museum by Gunnar Birkerts looks in from the northwest. And on the southwest corner . . . there’s this pomo villa-model home from 1991, designed by Will Cannady, a longtime architecture professor at Rice. Cannady, better known in B-ball circles as the architect of Hakeem Olajuwon’s home in Sugar Land, built this place for himself and his family on a half-acre Shadyside lot in 1991 but only lived there for a few years. The home’s second owners kept those cute little longhorn and lone-star frieze plaques on the outside of the 5,720-sq.-ft. stucco mansion, but did add an extra column or two. That should justify putting it all on the market with a $5.25 million asking price, no?


The main living spaces, plus a small office suite, are on the second floor.

Downstairs, 3 bedrooms line the front-yard pool, just a wall away from Bissonnet.

This poolside breezeway separates the 2-bathroom master suite from the other bedrooms:

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  • I prefer Cannady’s furniture… even if the sofas appear to be a carry-over from his 1971 house.

  • first things first all the terra cotta’s gotta go

  • So THAT’S where my parents’ kitchen chairs from the 60’s went!

  • The terra cotta tile floor is a total miss for such a structure!
    There are a few pieces of furniture that are worth keeping the rest is Cantoni on steroids! Is there a Nagel Poster somewhere?
    I have always wondered about the inside of this nice house now i know better!

  • I didn’t know this was a Canady house, but now it makes sense. I always thought it looked like it could easily transition to a gallery/museum space.

  • It’s the po-mo Tuscan-Texan love child of the Astro Village Hotel’s Celestial Suites.

  • Wow this home truly inspires me to work harder… I hope to live in a home like this one day.