Now Serving: Torchy’s in the Harold’s in the Heights

The fake graffiti has been removed, and the neon signage switched on: Torchy’s Tacos opened its 3rd Houston location earlier today inside the former Harold’s in the Heights store on the corner of Ashland and W. 19th. The others are in Rice Village and on S. Shepherd. Torchy’s is occupying about 3,400 sq. ft. in the mod men’s retailer, sharing the rest of it with the Heights General Store. (Which isn’t yet open.) There aren’t any restrictions on the tacos or guac at this new location, but because this area of the Heights is dry, if you want a beer to wash your tortillas down you’ll have to join Torchy’s private Firewater Club.

Here’s a look at some more neon:


Photos: Swamplot inbox

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  • It looks great. Say what you want about the tacos, but you have to give them credit for doing some interesting and fun design with this build out. It is nice to see a chain restaurant that is willing to break out of the development groupthink and do some original design at each of their locations instead of thinking that customers will only be comfortable if each store is identical to the other.

  • If Harold’s has thought outside the box and sold expensive mediocre tacos to the gullible masses then perhaps they would still be in business.

  • I don’t get the Torchy’s hype. I call them gourmet wanna be tacos.

  • Wow, that line just for some free food. Losers. My time is more valuable than that. At El Taquito Rico, breakfast tacos are $1.25, the tortillas handmade and its in the Heights.

  • Best possible outcome for the Harold’s building. Can’t wait to ride my bike over there and contribute some business

  • The tacos are secondary to the fact that there’s now a bar on that stretch of 19th street. That is going to meet a huge demand. I don’t care about the tacos there but I’d go there all the time if I lived in that area.

  • The foodie scene in Houston has become so overhyped that it’s painful to watch. Stupid yupsters.

  • There is no real hype, just good tacos, albeit slightly expensive.

  • Dry tacos, joint from the city that thinks so highly of itself, so-so atmosphere. Try Taco’s A Go Go on White Oak. Much better tacos, friendlier folks, better prices and its LOCAL.

  • For those who just have to have a bar right next door and right now!

  • Delta Bravo ground zero, from the looks of it.

  • These tacos are a better deal than the $20.00 plate of greasy chicken at BRC OR the cardboard pizza crust at City Oven.

  • Totally agree @MrPeebody.

    I love the fact that the “foodies” hate this place (i.e. Alison Cook and her unfortunate ilk) but the 2 other locations are constantly packed.

  • Packed to the rafters with the brain washed slapping each other on the back and commenting on how great these pricy tacos are. Who wants to be in the middle of that?

  • The torchys in the Village has been packed out the door since it opened. Unlike some on here, I like torchys, but not enough to wait in that kind of line.

  • @ JCR – your time may be more valuable, but your palate seems to be on an entirely different level. Live roughly halfway between Torchys and El Taquito Rico, and will gladly travel west to Torchys to avoid Rico’s greasy, chewy, ligament-laden ‘beef’.

  • I personally like their tacos; never had a bad experience. But if you want to avoid the DB’s go to Chiloso’s.

  • Try Mozelle’s Cajun Seafood Market 126 Heights Blvd.Good people and good food!!