Phoenix Tower Doubling Down on Parking

PHOENIX TOWER DOUBLING DOWN ON PARKING A new 8-story parking garage will be built next to the Phoenix Tower’s existing 8-story parking garage writes Ralph Bivins over at Realty News Report. The planned “garage annex,” he reports, “will adjoin Phoenix Tower’s original eight-story garage and also provide direct, covered access to The Hub,” the restaurant-heavy core of Greenway Plaza, between Buffalo Spdwy and Edloe St. Architect HOK has already signed up for the project, which the developer says should start before the end of the year. [Realty News Report] Photo: Parkway Properties

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  • Ok, then let’s put a stop there for the new metro rail line (hopefully) on Richmond.

  • I think this garage may have a higher calling: being rented out to the God-A-Torium next door on Sundays.

  • @GlenW, so you want to run the rail down the Southwest Freeway or its feeder, then? That’s where this tower is.

  • Rail on Richmond won’t happen anytime soon. Metro has admitted they can’t afford it. And now that we dumped the members of Congress from our area with seniority, we have no one with the power to get fed money.

  • @JH, The senior members of Congress that were dumped, were also the same ones keeping Metro from getting the funding they needed in the first place (Culberson, chief among them).