Piney Point Village Megamansion: Now $10 Million Off!

More than 6 reductions over the last 2 years mean you can now snap up this 20,000-plus-sq.-ft. Piney Point megamansion for less than half its original $19.9 million asking price. The spread belongs to Douglas R. Johnson and his wife Melanie, who divorced a year and a half ago, reports the Chronicle‘s Shelby Hodge:

The house began as a 6,000 square-foot teepee sitting in the middle of a lush wooded acre on Arrowwood. We are told that the couple pumped $16 million worth of expansion and improvements into the place. Eight bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, three half-baths and a paneled wine room and bar dating from the 1920s are part of the package. And did we mention the vast third-floor entertainment area that features a lavish theater center, game room and bar?

According to the divorce decree, Melanie and the boys get to live in the house until it sells. The judge gave Doug the right to control that sale. He priced the property at $19 million — unheard of in the Memorial/Piney Point neighborhoods. There was little interest. Melanie went back to court recently and secured rights to control the sale herself. And how things have changed.

According to MLS records, the home went on the market in April of 2007. Its most recent price cut — just a few days ago — was a mere $3.4 million.

Until his Johnson Broadcasting Co. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last October, Johnson was listed as the sole owner of KNWS, local TV’s Channel 51. Johnson also filed for personal bankruptcy, but reportedly told the Chronicle at the time that it all had to do with the divorce.

How’s this home doing in the ratings? Well, the listing puts it at about 26,214 sq. ft., but the appraisal district only counts 21,240. But even that lower figure is enough to get the home onto Wikipedia’s list of the largest single family residences in the United States.

The home’s price may be down, but the commission is now up to 12 percent. And the photos sure make it look like the volume is still turned way up:


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  • If you are going to build a 20k+ sqft home, please have the money and job/business to keep it.

    I haven’t nothing against someone building a mansion of their dreams (maybe others’ nightmares), but says something about the person who builds this type of monstrosity and doesn’t have the means to keep it.

  • Is that Axel Foley trying to sneak up the back steps? I can imagine Ms. Melanie tip tapping across all that marble in her feather mules while waiting impatiently for her colon hydrotherapist to arrive. Oh, to have more money than sense. Guess that should be “have had more money…”

  • It should be noted that the location of the home isn’t Piney Point Village proper or ideal due to the southside of Buffalo Bayou location.

  • JAK:

    Piney Point Village juts south of Buffalo Bayou there. So both Arrowwood Circle and Windemere Lane are both officially in the Village.


    Are you really opposed to rich fools buying then losing ridiculous white elephants? Because personally, that’s what I call entertainment.

  • Yet another house that demonstrates money (or credit) can’t buy good taste…

  • That’s the most horrible house I’ve ever seen!

  • It looks like it was built by Randall Davis.

  • Oh, to have more money than sense.

    I think you meant more money than taste.

    There is something always tacky about these “mega-mansions” no matter where they are built and you have to wonder about the architects involved. Maybe after the houses are finished they change their names and elsewhere. I would.

    More of the “I have, therefore I am” maxim of the nouveau riche. The more you pay and the bigger the house, the more you are. Until, apparently, you can no longer pay the bills.

    Arrowwood and Windermere which is on the other side of Piney Point Road are both in Piney Point Village but they have a different zip code. Which sometimes is important for those who believe in the maxim. You have to have the right zip code to go with everything else.

    Someone should run a poll as to which is the tackiest. This monstrosity or Hubert Vo’s on Rivercrest. Which also is not really in the right zip code.

  • LOL @ Schwaghag.

  • From Schwaghag:
    It looks like it was built by Randall Davis.

    More gargoyle!

  • What’s up with the Oscar statues in the movie room? Very bizarre. It would have been interesting to poll some of the guests after one of their shindigs. This monstrocity is a long way from the orig. “tee pee” it started out as.

  • Oscar replicas are a big no-no. Especially in tacky Hollywood mogul screening room replicas. Hollywood moguls obviously did not have big gatherings. A sofa and four lounge chairs? That’s only 8 people. The dining room looks like it seats 16. So 8 people get bounced out the door after dinner?
    As for the Oscar replicas, they can expect a letter from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences soon I suspect.

    The living room looks like one of those small lounge areas in a lobby of a Las Vegas hotel. The dining room looks like a private dining room in a Las Vegas hotel. Probably the same hotel. I bet they spent a lot of time in Las Vegas. It shows. And those tabletop topiaries. No doubt this will start a trend. And flood resale shops with chandeliers. Can’t have both. Take your pick.

    The master bedroom. Interesting style. The Sistine Chapel look. With a tacky touch here and there to make it more homey. And one does not put a sofa up against the bed. Looks tacky. And is bad feng shui. So who was the interior designer?

    The gameroom looks like the lower level of Vargo’s. The rug I suppose. For those looking at the Jerry Moore “chateaux” on Friar Tuck, this is a good idea as to what you can do with a 26 car garage. Turn it into a gameroom. With a Vargo’s look. If nothing else, depending on the neighbors, if things go bad you can open a restaurant.

    As to the question of what one does with a house like this, well, you tear it down and start over.

  • “If nothing else, depending on the neighbors, if things go bad you can open a restaurant. ”

    Not in Piney Point, they can’t.

  • House looks great …. just trying to picture my furniture from IKEA and The Dump in there.

  • I remember studying this house closely when I was buying. If you go into the har listings, by default it was always the first because it was based on price.
    I looked at the virtual tour, even drove up to the driveway because I found it odd the most expensive home in Houston wasn’t even close to the most expensive neighborhoods in Houston.
    The road is nice and shady and secret, though I hope it has a great security system. The neighbors were staring though – wondering what I was on their street for. PFff.
    Not that I have that money, just learning about Houston real estate and very intrigued…

  • I hope it never sells. The boys and I will stay here with Melanie as long as the bankruptcy court will agree to subsidize the debauchery. Its cheaper than a TV station, less confusing and a hell of a lot more fun. Cheers Doug!

  • I hope it never sells.

    Just always be there if and when it’s shown so you can give them a “personal tour” complete with comments about the wiring and the plumbing and the roof and about how so far it hasn’t flooded but you never know. And don’t forget the snakes! A friend in Quail Valley with a contentious ex who wanted the house sold loved to tell prospective buyers about how occasionally she had to fish the poor water moccasins out of the pool and deposit them back into Oyster Creek. Kept the buyers at bay until she found the money to pay him his half.

  • I think it is a beautiful home! I would love to see it. And to be down right honest I would love to live there. It doesn’t have to be the right zip code and all the other comments people have made. You just have to be happy with your surroundings. I happen to believe that I would be one very blessed person if I were to live there.

    If you are happy and you know it… know the rest.

  • Doug is a dirty old man. He is in his 60’s and has/had a 25 year old girlfriend and hangs out with a bunch of guys in their 20’s that used him for his money and to use his limo. Guess all the excessive spending and cheating kicked him in the butt.

  • Wow a very stunning home for the money! Now if I can just sell this trailer in Pasadena and recycle every aluminum can between L.A. and New York I may be able to afford the lifestyle I deserve! When the deed has my name on it yall are invited to the pool party I’m gonna throw! Oh yea and stop by Redbox and pick up some new releases for the screening in the theater!

  • What an UGLY house. Goes to prove the old adage: some people have money and NO taste !!!

  • I kinda like the house. I’d have to win a large Mega Million jackpot to afford it though. I’d need the money, not just for the house purchase, but for renovations and stuff. I’d purchase it.