Poolside Freeway Billboard Comes Down As Westmoreland Queen Anne Redo Wraps Up

Redo of 3618 Burlington St., Westmoreland Historic District, Houston, 77006

3618-burlington-29What’s that — up in the air, over Westmoreland and Spur 527? According to a reader, it’s the skeletal remnants of 3618 Burlington St.’s sideyard billboard, which has been coming down since some time late last week. The sign structure is shown on its last leg in the snapshot up top from Saturday morning (that’s out of 3 legs originally, as seen in the listing photo below that from the 2015 sale). Per the newest listing, the full interior and exterior blankout and makeover of the 3-story Westmoreland Historic District home should have finished up around last Friday.

Photos: Swamplot inbox (top), HAR (bottom)

Sign of Steel

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  • I think I heard the previous owner made like thousands of dollars a year from having that sign. I think it’d be worth it. I mean, if you have to live next to a noisy and air-polluted road, you may as well get some money from it.

  • I wonder what the particulate pollution is outside and inside of this house during various times of day and year? I wonder if one side of the house gets dirtier and needs pressure washing sooner than other or if there is uniform pollution around the house? I guess its better not to know these things because then that might lower the potential value and an cause an acknowledgement of some salient dangers. I, personally, would think less about the highway if the sign were gone. I guess the income from the sign could fund your HSA account and pay for all the inhalers you might need to alleviate your pollution caused asthma.