Quick Changeover for a Renovated Georgian Home in Sugar Land Upgrades Surfaces, Pillows, Price


You’ll find just a splash of red in almost every interior pic here. No, you aren’t looking at a portfolio of images from National Geographic: This is a renovated 1990 Georgian in Sugar Land’s William’s Glen neighborhood, southwest of Sweetwater Blvd. Listed on Monday, the 4,232-sq.-ft. spread is now asking $619K.




Think you could have picked it up for less? You could have — in August, for $445K (down from a $590K initial asking price in July). But the home’s been jazzed up a bit in the intervening month-and-a-half. (An example of the interior’s earlier vibe is shown at right.) Since then, a gray fog of fresh paint has misted the interior, and floors have been redone, among other tweaks. Strategically placed, ruby red props pull the viewer’s eye to and through spaces now sporting a silver polish.


Front rooms, open to the foyer (top), currently display dining (above) and desking (below) options, the latter helpfully spelled out for home-office neophytes.


When needed, a wet bar awaits behind a set of folding doors across from the front staircase:


Rooms at the front of the home have wooden floors, but Travertine tile connects the foyer, hallway, kitchen, and family room:


Recent appliances and refinished cabinetry are among the updates in the island kitchen:





Here’s the kitchen’s previous look, in which the second staircase is apparent:


The master suite is on the first floor:



Before its overhaul, here’s how the master bathroom appeared:


Upstairs, an open space fitted as the media and game room is on the way to . . .


3 (or 4) secondary bedrooms that share 2 bathrooms:








At the back of the home, near the garage, the red brick exterior meets up with ruddy-stained decking on the way to the pool:



The pool house, which for now offers a red-free zone, measures about 200 sq. ft.


The home occupies a 11,156-sq.-ft. corner lot.

Flipping for Red

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  • This is a very nice reno, but I wish they would have chosen more than one granite pattern. I’m not familiar with this particular ‘burb, but I would assume that even at 4,000+ SF this listing has to be at least somewhat overpriced?! And, whoever buys this will need to spend a pretty penny having the insides repainted, unless the new owners like wall-to-wall gray.

  • Does anyone remember that movie “The Sixth Sense”? Every time a dead person was talking, there was something red in the scene…

  • Their interior designer would be the last person I would ever hire. Incredibly bland color scheme. Also, that kitchen is looks really dated. But the house itself is really nice overall and could be quite a showplace if the color scheme and kitchen were improved. Very nice exterior, too.

  • Hayley, in my experience, the houses in these neighborhoods will have all been built and sold at similar price points. Say you will have a few streets in a particular sub-neighborhood with 3800-4200 sq ft houses sold for $250-300K back in 1990. I’m just making that up for illustration. But they will all appreciate similarly, although you will see varying degrees of modernization/renovation. From the looks of it, the remodeling fairies hadn’t visited until now. Anyway, if this one is overpriced, it would stick out like a sore thumb since all the surrounding houses would be the same size and era but going for way less. If you are a buyer looking at that neighborhood and all the other houses are $450-500K and this one is going for $619K…. well, even a nice remodel only goes so far. That all said, maybe it will sell in a week.

  • I grew up in this neighborhood. Its small, older and walking distance to Clements High, biking distance to Fort Settlement and Colony Meadows Elem. All excellent schools. Kind of amazing that these are going for this much now… My dad sold our house for 390.000 in 2007. Bought in 1996 for 250.000 (added pool though). Sugar land, from my understanding as I dont live there now, has “run out of space” and the older houses are considered more premium due to older trees, closer to the highway and established schools. Amazing to see that my old hood is hot!