Reader Report: More New Construction Coming in the Fifth Ward

Townhouse at 3421 Gillespie St., Under Construction

There’s more from our Fifth Ward correspondent, who’s been poking around properties near the MDI site:

InTown has various other project coming up in the 5th Ward/East End. The Cage/Gillespie property is now listed on HAR. They also plan on building English style bungalows at 619 Meadow St. However, they are in replatting stages now.

[Tuesday] Swamplot reported “Cline and Fall of Eight Houses“. These are about 2 blocks from the MDI site and there is a variance request up for subdivison renaming. I did some research and it seems they are owned by Lanterra Homes. They were supposed to have a project called Deca but looks like it may have been scrapped. Lanterra has built homes near InTown homes before.

Photo: 3421 Gillespie, for sale on HAR