Regent Square Loft, Soft Launch

Okay, everybody out with your Regent Square renderings! HAIF’s lockmat digs up images of additional structures planned for the 15-acre North Montrose mixed-use complex, including two separate projects from the Venezuelan Miami architect Luis Pons.

What’ve we got here?

Pons’s “Regent Square Launch” looks more like a transit station than a boathouse. But who knows? Buffalo Bayou is just across Allen Parkway!

Many more pics:


Pons also shows off this Regent Square Loft project:

Meanwhile, the website of the JE Dunn Construction Group is featuring these smaller Regent Square images, 2 of which might be earlier or later versions of the Pons projects:

Images: Luis Pons D-Lab & JE Dunn

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  • Neat!

    A lot of information is trickling out about Regent Square.

    I wonder how many different architectural firms have a piece of this project?

  • Hmm. A faux traditional West Ave-style building, vaguely cool modern lofts, Calatrava wannabe whatever-it-is. How do all these relate to each other?
    Oh, wait — architectural theme park! How could I have missed it? I hope they have a Ferris wheel.

  • Jim,
    What’s it supposed to look like then?

  • I want the Spacechetecture! Houston’s already got more crappy bourgeois Georgian dreck than we need.