Restaurant Resuscitations: Hughie’s News and a Spaghetti Western Sequel

A pair of new restaurants are moving into old places in the Lazybrook and Timbergrove area. The former Queen Burger at 1802 W. 18th St., shown here, is being renovated and rechristened as Hughie’s Tavern and Grill. (A menu posted on Hughie’s Facebook describes the food as “Asian fusion.”) No date’s been given for the opening. And not half a mile away at 1951 W. T.C. Jester there’ll be a new Spaghetti Western . . .


. . . but not for a few months, says a restaurant employee. They’re still renovating the endcap that used to be Los Fabianes Mexican Restaurant, the employee says. This will be the 2nd Spaghetti Western; the original at 1608 Shepherd Dr. isn’t goin’ nowhere. This one will be just around the corner from TikTok, the new bar that Rudyard’s owner Leila Rodgers said in late May that she’ll be building at 1412 W. 20th St.

Photos: Norhill Realty

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