Rudyard’s Owner Building Bigger Bar in Shady Acres

RUDYARD’S OWNER BUILDING BIGGER BAR IN SHADY ACRES The owner of Rudyard’s British Pub in Montrose has announced that she’ll be building TikTok, a bar, restaurant, and venue for live music in Shady Acres — and, apparently, this new one will be a lot more building than what you get at Rudyard’s. Owner Leila Rodgers tells the Houston Business Journal that TikTok “is expected to have a capacity of 750 to 800 people. She said she expects to be able to host 450 to 500 people in the performance area and 250 to 300 in the restaurant area.” Rudyard’s is at 2010 Waugh Dr. When it opens next summer, TikTok will be at 1412 W. 20th St., near the intersection of W. 20th and T.C. Jester Blvd. — that’s just around the corner from the Hubcap Grill. [Houston Business Journal; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Panoramio user hermieb

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  • W00t love my local, so happy for the Rudz family!

  • Shady Acres is blowing up. Where exactly is 1412 W 20th?

  • “TikTok”…what?

  • @Anse Don’t you brush your teeth with a bottle of Jack?

  • I remember the first incarnation of Rudz on Kipling. Truly a great neighborhood bar – darts, cold beer, constant smell of old beer, girls, good conversations and friendships.

  • I’m venturing to guess its the large vacant building by the restaurant supply place by tc jester. It used to be a place called pecos which was cool but begged to be something more….looks like this may be it. It’s gonna be nice to have a venue for live music down the road! like to see how big the showroom is!

  • I live blocks from this location. It used to be the old K-Mart before it flooded during Tropical Storm Allison. It will be next door to Restaurant Depot and SSQQ Dance Studio. There is a huge parking space there.

  • If it’s in the old KMart building, the address is wrong. The KMart is on the odd numbered side of the street.

  • Yeah I think they have the street number addy wrong. The FB photo is def looking out into the restaurant depo lot not pecos. The old pecos space isn’t large enough and it has a tc jester addy.

  • I can see the sign already: “TikTok: ‘Cause when I leave for the night, I ain’t coming back’

  • This is going into the spot between SSQQ and Restaurant Depot. It has a LOT of parking and will be a good fit for the area.

  • Yay for Lelia!!

  • Fantastic news! Good luck Leila!