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  • Meh… it looks big on the outside, but the space inside looks small. if I were buying it… I would have preferred to see gas lanterns, not electrical lanterns on the front entrance. Also, even though they used big sized tile, too many pieces of tile over a large area does not look that great… I think it would have been better off with a warm wood floor, with a protected, but natural finish… ‘can’t stand that phony/cheap/exotic finish of engineered floors… I’m one of those people that when I walk into someone’s home with shiny floors, I can easily spot the ‘bigfoot’ foot prints on the shiny floors.
    And the shower? Really? I can’t get excited about learning how to work in the boiler room of a ship’s engine room… just give me a nice shower head, and hot and cold valves, though a single temperature controlled valve would be best. My showers take less than five minutes, so it would not be a selling point for me.