River Oaks Glass Survives Demolition, Moves North

River Oaks Glass, 2635 Greenbriar Dr., Upper Kirby, Houston

Proprietor Tim Linehan wants to make sure longtime and potential customers who noted the smashing of the former River Oaks Glass location at 2219 Richmond Ave. in a Swamplot Daily Demolition Report last week don’t think the company has been pulled apart by excavators as well. The company with the “We Fix Humpty Dumpty” sign in the front window escaped to a new converted residence last month — one that’s a full half-mile closer to the actual River Oaks. It had been leasing the Richmond Ave. building for 17 years. “You have not lived until you’ve moved a crystal and porcelain repair shop, piece by piece,” he tells Swamplot. The new spot is a former bungalow at 2635 Greenbriar, just south of Westheimer. This time, says Linehan, “we bought the place and will never move again.”

Photo: James Timothy Linehan

House Broken

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  • What happened to the tree and grass that appears in the Google maps street view? These guys should have at least created new signage/branding to fit the cute neighborhood — or at very least have painted their old signage … it looks cheap and terrible. Paint works wonders!

  • This might seem harsh but I am glad that this business moved and the location has been torn down. Hopefully a developer will come along and buy out the neighbors and build a condo or apartment complex.

    Why am I saying this? Because these small business along Richmond are the driving force behind blocking the light rail line. The fewer of them around, the less objections there will be.