River Oaks House of Wow

Only 2 days on the market, and already this River Oaks home has become a Swamplot tipster favorite. Born in 1934 from plans by the Russell Brown Company, the home’s more recent mostly red- and green-hued interior is attributed to George Weinle, apparently a fan of hovering centerpieces. The 3- or 4-bedroom home sits quietly across from Elliott Park, just west of Kirby Dr. It’s been listed for just north of $2 million.


Inside: 3 full and 2 half-baths; the “hers” master includes views of a lovely bathtub-side landscape scene. Full dimensions: 12,120 sq. ft. on the lot, and 4,411 sq. ft. on the inside, including the built-out attic space.

Bonus: this staid and calming exterior.

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  • I didn’t know Willy Wonka lived in RO. Love the game room, though.

  • It looks so ordinary from the outside. I’ve often wondered how many perfectly normal looking houses in Houston are much more interesting on the inside. This is an eccentric masterpiece–obviously not for everyone, but nonetheless great.

  • Welcome to the House of Fun! I prefer hunter green to celadon, but props to him for not having the usual 20-shades-of-beige decor.

  • Looks like the Cheesecake Factory designer hatched this while high on Twinkies and LSD.

  • From Robert Boyd:

    This is an eccentric masterpiece–obviously not for everyone, but nonetheless great.

    Not sure about masterpiece but definitely eccentric. And tacky.

  • Oh my! Talk about over stimulating!

  • LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! The interiors look like they came straight out of the movie Auntie Mame- the Rosalind Russell version.

  • Sweet Jesus. Wonderful arch’s, door frames and floors ruined by all that garbage.

    It’s going to take a complete scraping, priming and re-painting of every single inch of the 4,000-square-feet to make this house decent. That’s going to cost some serious cash.

    People don’t understand how expensive professional painters are.

  • That’s very Seussical. Eh, I like it. I mean, what’s the point of being rich if you only decorate your house for resale?

  • Some of it is very opulent, but in a tasteful way. Sadly, the rest of it is just tacky, and it just kills the stuff that looks decent.

  • Santa and Mrs Claus live here?

  • ….and after many years of therapy, the children of the previous owners finally uncovered the source for their unnatural fear of carousels.

  • The decorations in the small bathroom sets my thougths on Mecca. Is the toilet algined with the Qiblah?

  • This house could really use some neutral granite counter tops and beige walls with white trim [/sarcasm]

  • OMG, OMG!!!! MY EYES, MY EYES!! I guess you either really like it or you hate it. More likely the latter…
    Looks good on the outside though.

  • What material is the kitchen countertop?

  • This is what I pictured for the inside of the Wichita Mystery house off 288.

  • I nominate Eric for comment of the day!!

  • Da da data data da da da…circus music in my head! Serious re-painting indeed. But other than the green and salmon colors in the kitchen, they’ve let everyone down. No hoopla in the kitchen. Do like the lacy, middle eastern bathroom tho.


  • Reminds me of Big Trouble in Little China

  • This is a great interior! Who would have guessed that something like this can exist in Houston! Totally wonderful and a treat to see!

  • Professional Painters?

    Hell, this is Houston. Just pick up a couple of guys on Shepard and a spray kit and it is off to the races. The whole thing can be resprayed beige in a couple of days.

  • Do they know you don’t have to paint your house using all the sample colors? Seriously, very nice house – it could easily be a showplace with the right decorator.

  • Better check for Libyan rebels lounging in here before you show it.

  • One thing about this place…..they did it to please themselves.

    They obviously do not have to CARE about impressing anyone for resale.

    I would never do anything to my house simply for resale value. I don’t care about who does what to the house when I’m done with it.

    Good for them!

  • ahhhhhh so delightful..such a pleasant change from the norm…..I for one love it!

  • Lawdy that is one big steaming pile of ugly.

  • Garish comes to mind. The perfect example of money and no taste.

  • I’m so happy to have seen this house listed. I’ve always admired its perfectly normal exterior and wondered what it would look like inside… Now I know!

  • I vote YES!
    So fun.
    I’d never feel as though I was dressed right, however.

  • This place is awesome, if a little tiring on the eyes. I guess even the occupants think so too – the master is nearly colorless.

    And Bill – your comment made me snort.

  • Fugly is an understatement!

  • One fish
    Two fish
    Salmon fish
    Green fish
    Blue fish
    Turquoise fish
    old fish
    new fish
    This room has a box in the air
    This room has a chair that reaches up to there!
    Say! What a lot that’s to be aware…..

  • “Good taste” = Beige walls and granite countertops. You philistine haters make me sick. I love this house!!!

  • Professional Painters?

    Painting the entire house should only cost about 1% of the asking price. Cost for the entire interior should not exceed $20,000.

  • Woo…swirly!

    I like that Moroccan bathroom. Why the hell not?

    Movocelot takes the prize for best comment tonight.

  • My favorite? Creepy Clown pillows on the media room sectional!

  • Oh, lawdy how gaudy!! And the kitchen with nothing! Guess they spend their time playing games and in the bathroom. Monty can’t buy class and this doesn’t appear too classy!

  • I keep hearing Kung Fu calls in my head when I look at this – I guess the owners really love giving directions that include Waaaaaauuuuuuuugh!!!!

  • and that is why we have deed restrictions. without them the inside of this house would continue outside.

  • One thing is for sure, there was no good food served in this house. That kitchen is pathetic. Obviously the lowest priority, which means we can not be friends.

  • Wow. My good friend had the very, very colorful bizarre home on Locke Ln listed a while ago. Her home was cookie cutter boring and watching the total rebirth to conclusion was a long, wild mescaline trip. Esp. the hanging opium bed from China! So whatever lights your grill, floats your boat…One person’s dream is another’s cataclysmic assault on the eyes.

  • Beauty is on the inside. Except this house.

  • I see these pictures and can’t get the organ-grinder out of my head.

  • Yikes. It is “different”. All the “partying” George Weinle did in NYC in the 70’s has taken its toll. This house is unique: it’ll take a while to adjust one’s eyes from the intense color burn. And then time and money to redo the interiors. It’s like an acid trip in the 21st century !!!

  • The country of Bhutan is said to be the happiest country on earth. This house could easily be their embassy!

  • Someone inherited or owns a 1960’s textile plant (someone should check the basement for a sweatshop and on site painter).


  • (key)strokes too, like the one between shift and tab…

  • “Hovering Centerpieces” look like they arrived into port of LA in 1929, I need help with my chandelier but this is over the top!

  • I have had the pleasure of knowing the Brills and visiting their home. The pictures cannot do it justice. The level of detail in the finishes is over the top. It really is a Houston treasure. Thank you Pat and Jimmy.

  • How could you be in a bad mood in a house like this? I think this is awesome and if that is what the owners wanted, then I really don’t understand how people can judge someone else’s home? It is like telling someone they are not good looking, or smart, or good enough, it’s all in the eye of the beholder, in this case the owner.
    Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and that is what this comment is for, but, It certainly takes you out of the hum-drum normal Home Depot crap that most people have. Variety is the spice of life and I would take my life in this house any day!! So much vitality and color. Awesome work George!