Sawyer Park Marquee Leaves Cryptic Reopening Message from the Great Bar Beyond

A reader sends this photo from the Washington Corridor: Is Sawyer Park coming back from the dead this September? The 4-year run of the 2-story sports bar with a checkered past at 2412 Washington came to an end in February. But the marquee — plagiarized from that ubiquitous Dos Equis ad campaign though it might be — suggests that something might be happening sometime soon. HCAD data show that the property hasn’t changed hands. Still, there aren’t any clues or further omens on the bar’s Facebook page or Twitter feed, and calls to Rockwood, what appears to be a design-build firm whose sign hangs from the bar’s terrace, haven’t been returned.

Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • Maybe Spike TV is starting a new show this fall, Bar Resurrection.

  • Please stay closed. We do not need more drunken dodgeball tournaments. That is my pre-Sawyer Park townhome building in that shot.

  • How long till they get a cease and desist letter from Dos Equis?

  • Please bring back the old Pig Stand. These
    fools dropped all that money on the remodel
    when all they had to do was a little clean-up on the original interior. Fools.

  • Yesssss. Sorry to my fellow Old 6th-er, but this bar was fun, game-days especially. If the re-opening of this bar means more development momentum for the area, I am all for it. I hope East Washington becomes more and more revitalized. Maybe this time this bar will be managed a little better!

  • Will they add extra parking up front for douche canoes?

  • Houston already has enough bars! No more please!

  • I agree with Brad.

    Others amenities that Houston has reached it’s quota for:

    Frozen yogurt bars.
    Italian restaurants.
    Free-standing slider kiosks.
    Batting cages.
    Bus stops.
    Bayou-flanking hike-and-bike trails.
    Turtle ponds.
    Retail establishments that sell undergarments.
    Concert venues.
    And other miscellaneous businesses that people like to frequent.


  • Douchers get your obey tshirts ready, and your tacky buckle jeans. Agreed with above bring back the pigstand and all it’s greasy glory..

  • The pigstand rebirth sounds interesting…

  • This is actually kind of a brilliant idea: a sports bar that’s closed between February and August, when there’s no football to show.

  • So the Pig Stand was there forever, and the douche-bags could only make a 4 year run?

  • Benjy Compson,

    Can you please name some establishments that haven’t met their quota?

    Also, can you please name some places that people hate to frequent so we can have some ideas?


  • I know the new guys doing this deal…it’s gonna be a bar that shows sports rather than a sports bar….

  • dammit.
    we live down the road and also celebrated the closing of the douche-ery.
    the douchebag drunkards have the rest of washington, let the warders keep east of sawyer.

  • The bar is reopening – hopefully on Sept 8th. It will not be named Sawyer Park and is under new ownership. Will be very nice, with some great food and completely redone interior.