Hines Develops Website To Explain 17-Story San Felipe Development

HINES DEVELOPS WEBSITE TO EXPLAIN 17-STORY SAN FELIPE DEVELOPMENT Much of the information you might want about that shiny office building Hines says it plans to start building this year on San Felipe has been organized — by Hines, of course — on a new website. Like the recently launched ‘Stop San Felipe Skyscraper’ site supported on the ground by that neighborhood campaign of knee-high yard signs, the Hines site presents its side of things in a handy Q-and-A format:Are there other tall buildings in the area? Yes. . . . Will the building reduce the privacy of nearby properties? No. . . . Does Hines care about the potential impact on the neighborhood? Absolutely.” [2229 San Felipe; previously on Swamplot] Rendering: Hines

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  • It’s Hines, this will get built if they want to build it, period–the nearby residences should just be happy it wasn’t taller—go with the glass is half full and move on

  • Are we going to kill your children? No…

  • Do we have way more influence than you on the Houston city council? Yes….

  • @DNAguy: Hines doesn’t need to have any influence on city council. Hines, like any other property owner in Houston, has the right to do whatever they want.
    Remember the powerful influence the Ashby neighbors had with the mayor? How did that work out for them?

  • When did this website go live? As of Monday, Hines was telling people this building was fully leased. The website says they 100,000 SF of proposals out.

  • I love how the artistic rendering shows green, wide-open spaces around this building, which couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, it’s being shoehorned into a rather small plot closely surrounded by a mix of homes, townhomes and small office buildings. That’s not to say I’m against the project, but at least show how the building will really look in its environment, as opposed to a lone, shining beacon on the prairie.

  • Good clean design, I look forward to seeing it built.

  • The building is so fat and sqaut, it would improve visually in a taller, slimmer reincarnation–which I’m sure would be just as popular with the surrounding popular, I however am only concerned with the aesthetics, since it will be built either way

  • Populace*

  • It is fat and squat. I doubt it’s fully leased. If it was fully leased this early, they would be adding more floors.

  • Very disappointed in Hines. Used to hold them in very high esteem.