Site Work Begins at the Coming Garden Oaks 365 by Whole Foods in Independence Heights

Back in March, excavators were cleared from the site at the northeast corner of Yale St. and the 610 North feeder road after heavy-equipment rental facility Neff Rental shut down. But at least one of them is back again today, reports a Swamplot reader who passed by the site. It’s shown in the left side of the photo above, performing what appears to be some site prep work for the future home of Houston’s first-ever 365 by Whole Foods market. Also on site, in the foreground of the photo taken from Yale St.: a new construction trailer.

Opening date for the mini-Whole Foods Market at 3004 N. Yale St. at the southern border of Independence Heights — originally scheduled for 2017 —has been pushed back to next year, according to the Houston Business Journal.

Photo: Swamplot inbox

Groceries for Garden Oaks

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  • That’s a good start for the neighborhood. Now when is HEB going to finally start/complete their project at the old Fiesta on N. Shepherd and 23rd?

  • Looking forward to Whole Foods 365 – & HEB? the former Fiesta lot at 23/24th & Shepherd is becoming a wildlife habitat. It would be a tempting location for a club once the Revival/Coltivare/Texas Petition Strategies coalition gets the limited alcohol sales removed this fall. I bet the site has turned out to be too small for even an abbreviated HEB. Just imho.

  • “”gets the limited alcohol sales removed this fall. ”

    Dream on