Skateboarding Is Not a Crime?

SKATEBOARDING IS NOT A CRIME? Some residents of the Sabine Street Lofts are unhappy with the new Lee and Joe Jamail Skatepark that opened across the street on June 1st: “an average of 320 people have skated its ramps and concrete bowls every day. Lofts residents say the skaters also have tagged city property, left behind soda cans and snack-food trash and even trespassed onto loft property to skate in the parking garage. Topping their complaints is illegal parking on the Sabine Street bridge, which they say constricts the route they use into and out of the complex.” [Houston Chronicle; previously]

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  • Having a skate park in the city is great! Shows a edgy progressiveness that this city needs. Tagging and littering is not right, but having a park that caters to a growing sport like skateboarding is great. Those loft residences should be glad to be living in such a trendy place!

  • WE need more skate parks. It keeps kids focused on sports. Chances are skaters did not do the tagging. My son makes a living skating. It has been a positive sport for him. I would love to see more skate parks all over for the kids.

  • A visiting 15-year-old thinks Houston is cool. Why? The skateboard park. Happy days indeed!

  • I live in the Sabine Street Lofts and I can say that yes, there was a lot of littering the first month. I actually saw kids skate by and throw their Gatorade bottles all the time. However, I guess the crowds have died down some–the problem has basically gone away. Other than that, it’s been great to have the park nearby–great free enternainment! Our toddler loves to watch the kids skate.

  • my brother loves to skateboard! we’ve never been to this skatepark before, but i’m sure he’d love to go! it sounds really cool to skate in!

  • i have a 12 year old grandson who loves to skateboard. he is always lookin for buildings or ditches with good concrete to skate on. we have an interest in more skateboard parks being built in our area. only one is available in our area but it is not convenient to travel to. we are considering a petition and would like statistics of those who skateboard with the same idea. yall may email me at
    thank you for your time

  • We were reading through your efforts to maintain the skatepark at the
    library and

    would like to talk to you about your petition list support in exchange
    for helping you by sending a blast to all ouf our people as well to

    sign your petition. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards,

    VP of Marketing

  • I dont understand why so many people blame skateboaders for everything it grinds my gears.Tagging going around the town blame it on the skateboarders.How about i blame it on the town at large because its not them doing it mostly i skateboard and im making a living out of it most the time gangster want a be go to the parks and start stuff because they are envious of us because we can skate and they cant so they trash the place and tagg it with their retarded gang signs needless to say the town needs to open their eyes and see what is really going on and let kids be kids

  • I still think they should of spent the 2 million on various smaller better designed skateparks all over the city than those giant death bowls they built. Wish we had a skatepark in southwest houston, would be so much easier than the 35 minute drive everyday….