Smoothing Things Over Around the New Aldi at Bissonnet and Beechnut

Aldi Grocery Store at 6751 Bissonnet St., Robindell, 77074

New parking lot has been spread out around the under-construction Aldi grocery store in Robindell, as seen in this fresh dispatch from behind the Baskin Robbins on the corner of Bissonnet and Beechnut streets. The Germany-rooted grocery store, which is replacing the 1956 strip of shops previously arrayed from 6711 to 6755 Bissonnet St., has settled on 6751 for its new street number, according to county records. Signage is now up on the newly constructed structure itself, though the old marquee along Beechnut St. (far right) still lists the full roster of the departed.

Photo: Angela Spieldenner

Firming Up in Robindell

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  • Aldi is great. Really good addition to that area.

    The property values in the adjacent neighborhood Robindell have really been rising. Lots of homes in the $300k range for sale. Just watch out for homes that flooded on Memorial Day and Tax Day floods. I think there will be a lot of teardown and rebuilds there.

  • Is Aldi similar to Trader Joe’s?

  • A new Aldi is also being built on OST near Tierwester. Right next to Whataburger.