Aldi in, Birria de Chiva Out, Baskin-Robbins Safe at the Corner of Beechnut and Bissonnet

Robindell Shopping Center, 6751 Bissonnet St., Robindell, Houston

Robindell Shopping Center, 6751 Bissonnet St., Robindell, HoustonFor Trudi’s Birria de Chivo and other now-shuttered mainstays of the east corner of Bissonnet and Beechnut in Robindell, just down the road from Bayland Park, it’s all over except the asbestos-clearing and smashing. Going up in place of the 1956 Robindell Shopping Center, according to Sharpstown Civic Association, will be a new Aldi grocery store.

The site plan below for the center at 6751 Bissonnet St. predates the Aldi announcement, but shows a possible arrangement of freefloating buildings to replace the about-to-be-demolished retail row now backing up to Albacore Dr.:


Robindell Shopping Center, 6751 Bissonnet St., Robindell, Houston

The plan also shows the Baskin-Robbins on the corner-fronting pad site surviving the redo.

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Robindell Shopping Center Redo

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  • An Honest to God Swamplot story from my old ‘hood! I’m shocked! It seems like there’s hardly ever any reporting about the good things that happen there – like new development.
    I think people will be sad to see Trudy’s go. It was a pretty cool place.

  • Memories of Bambolino’s pizza & frozen lemonade from the 80’s. You can still make out the drive-through on both sides.

  • Doesn’t seem like a good thing to me. We lose the goat place and get an German grocery store.
    Also, there’s no Dunkin Donuts. That’s just a Baskin Robbins.

  • I worked at that Baskin Robbins 30 years ago as my high school part time job. I rememjber when Trudi’s was one of those Kodak drop off your camera film to be developed places. Houston Gamblers would practice at Bayland Park then come over for ice cream afterwards. Those were the days …

  • I sent this to Mom, who replied: So sad! I remember going to the A&P grocery store like it was yesterday. They had big toys up on a shelf above the produce. I always wanted a mock steering wheel and dashboard! Wacker’s 5 & 10 cent store was there, too. We got baby chickens there for Easter one year. God, I’m sounding more and more like an old lady!!!

    My nostalgia is limited to the Baskin Robbins. I grew up in Meyerland and went to Lovett Elementary. After each band concert, swim meet, ballet recital, or baseball win for my brother’s team, our whole crew would head to that Baskin Robbin’s for a treat. Sometimes we rolled 30-40+ people deep. I’m sure we overwhelmed the teens that worked there, but it was great fun for all of us.

  • This area is tremendously undervalued. All we hear about is what’s going on in the areas that have already been developed such as the heights, memorial, midtown, etc.. Buying a house in this area at the current price is a nest egg investment in itself. I bought back in 2008 and my value has returned itself over 200%. The area still have a ton of investment room left to grow. Just wait until Sharpstown Mall gets torn down or the Tanagers arrive off the SW Freeway…

  • @Memebag: Thanks! We’ve corrected the story.