Latest Addition Brings Mattress Store Count to 9 within Half a Mile of Rice Village

Mattress Stores in Strip Center at Kirby Dr. and Wroxton St., West University, TX 77005

Semi-boutique mattress chain Urban Mattress has jumped into the cluster of mattress retail options at the edge of West University, setting up shop between Einstein Bros. Bagels and Verizon Wireless just south of the sleepy corner of Kirby Dr. and Bissonnet St. Since 2008, the Boulder-grown franchise chain has opened 6 stores in Colorado, 3 in Austin, and a few others in cities including Berkeley, Albuquerque, Dallas, and San Antonio. The company purports to send 2% of its sales price to local charities of the franchise owner’s choice, and offers mattresses (both regular and organic) ranging from about $300 to $30,000.

The new store sits right across Wroxton St. from a few of its all-caps competitors: mattress and ergonomic furniture store Relax the Back is buffered from a Mattress Firm by narrow custom shoe store Foot Solutions:


Mattress Stores in Strip Center at Kirby Dr. and Wroxton St., West University, TX 77005

Mattress 1, meanwhile, sits less than a quarter mile south on the corner of Kirby and Nottingham St. Across Kirby, at the intersection with Tangley St., Sleep Number (in the former site of Mattress Expo) is snuggled in next to Jersey Mike’s Subs.

A full half-mile south of the new store, the Rice Village mattress district starts up at the intersection with Rice Blvd., beginning with the Mattress Firm just off Kirby at 2528 Rice (which converted after the 2012 fall of once-mighty Mattress Giant).  Just south of the intersection, past the transplanted River Oaks Plant House, green-centric hardware store [and Swamplot advertiser] New Living also has a foot in the mattress game on Kirby; a block and a half east lies the other Rice Village Mattress Firm, 1 digit off at 2428 Rice. (The other Mattress 1 stares it down from across the street at 2421 Rice.)

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