Something Completely New Coming To Old Blank Slate Spot

1720 Houston Ave., First Ward, Houston

1720 Houston Ave., First Ward, HoustonBlank Slate Tattoo Removal decamped from the corner spot of this building at Houston Ave and Crockett St. at the end of January. (You can head for 5320 Cornish Rd. in Cottage Grove now to correct your body-inked misspellings.) In its place, there’s a new sign up at 1720 Houston Ave., providing evidence that a new beer-and-wine-serving cafe is getting ready to move in — right next door to Café Brussels. The street-front First Ward building just north of downtown was built in 1925.

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  • That 90 year old building is a streetscape superstar.

  • It will be a coffee shop.

  • Alright. More establishments. BTW, this hood has the one of the old Jeff Davis Hospitals (now apartments); a community garden ; and an ultra contemporary /modern home with a jet liner view of the skyline….!

  • Why would you want to eat vegetables grown in a small, urban neighborhood that is bounded by water ways that year round are made up largely of gray water (and god knows what pollution in the past) and 2 major interstate highways whose daily average exhaust production I can only imagine is astronomical? Urban chic?

  • This will be a coffeeshop? How do you know that? Curious….

  • @EmilyHTX

    It is because I have got insider information


    First ward has a pretty safe rating on the most recent pollution report. Better than many suburban areas.