Strip Center Set To Rise Next Door to Where Prince’s Hamburgers Went Extinct on Ella

Here’s the new 2,500-sq.-ft. strip center planned in the parking lot next door to Prince’s Hamburgers’ abandoned building on Ella Blvd. north of 34th St. The photo above, sent in by a Swamplot reader, views the former restaurant from the north, outside the closed-down A1 Auto Deals used car lot near the train tracks that cross Ella south of Judiway St. Between the auto dealer and the restaurant is where the strip center would go, at the west end of what’s now an additional 13,204-sq.-ft. parking lot.

Prince’s took over the restaurant building from Jack in the Box in 2016:


At the time, it was the brand’s second location in Houston; the other held court on the Katy Fwy. east of N. Kirkwood Rd. Coo-Wee Seafood took over that spot in early 2017. Then Harvey flooded the Ella building, bringing an end to the chain’s 84-year-long reign in the city.

The same entity now owns the empty restaurant building at 3425 Ella, the vacant lot next to it, and the closed car dealer — pictured at left — which took over its building from the “Wash Me” car wash.

Photos: Swamplot inbox (vacant restaurant); Prince’s Hamburgers (Prince’s); A1 Auto Deals (A1 Auto Deals). Rendering: LoopNet

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  • That Prince’s was terrible. John Broussard, if you open up in another spot, please try to do more to honor the legend of Prince’s.

  • I never understood the hype of Prince’s. I miss Roznovsky’s for a north side burger. At least Bellaire Broiler burger is still around to give me an old fashioned hamburger fix.

  • Wow, prince’s flooded! Will this new building flood??

  • Harvey’s flooding could only have helped clean an otherwise disgusting restaurant

  • The article is wrong! This building did not flood, nor any buildings on this street as we do business on this street. Fake news!