Stripped Americana Building Garage Stump on Dallas St. Downtown Now Getting a Paintjob

Workers are now applying paint to the 5-level garage stump of the former Americana building at 811 Dallas St. Over the last year, the 10-story office tower that sat atop the southern half of the garage was removed.

9-in. aluminum louvers were added to the portion of the parking podium pictured above on the corner of Dallas and Travis streets during a renovation in 2000. That exterior layer was stripped off as part of the recent work on the building, however, exposing the original clay block surface underneath.

30,000-or-so-sq.-ft. of ground-floor retail are also receiving touch-ups as part of the current work on the property.

Photos: Drew (parking garage); Boxer Property (Americana)

Clay Tile Refresh

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  • Although I liked the louvers, I’m glad the MCM perforated concrete blocks are reemerging from hibernation.

  • Is there a plan to reinstate street-level retail in the structure? I am overlooking the area a few blocks away and it looks like there is potential. The MCM louvers look fresh, although the old look wasn’t too bad. Too bad the tower had to go.