Stripped-Down Walter’s on Washington Now Getting a Tyvek Touchup

4215 Washington Ave., Houston

A reader sends a set of quick driveby shots of the former home of Walter’s on Washington, which has been getting some cosmetic attention of late. After a 2009 relocation announcement, Walter’s slowly made its move to a former car and cabinetry warehouse on Naylor St.; the Washington Ave property was passed around to a few different owners (including corporate entities called Ay Papi and Carnegie Homes and Construction) before landing in the hands of The Mosaic Group in June of last year. Mosaic appears to have sold or transferred the property to one Joe F. West last August, but is still listed as the owner-slash-occupant of the space on the building permits that have been issued since then (including a few from as recently as May).

Mosaic also snapped up the empty lot next door last summer, which was bundled with the property during the August sale (and had been wrapped up together with the building behind the same now-absent construction fencing):


4215 Washington Ave., Houston

Here’s a throwback shot of what the place looked like circa 2009, before the venue’s Washington departure:

Walter's on Washington, 4215 Washington Ave., Houston

The former live music venue is on the south side of Washington Ave.,  across the street from Underdogs Sports Bar (formerly The Lot) and a bit east of the corner with Thompson St. (where another building shaped much like the former Walter’s used to house The Dubliner, and now hosts Ninja Ramen). On the north corner of that intersection sits the latest iteration of Pearl Bar (formerly Mary Jane’s and, even more formerly, the Bon Ton Room).  

Photos: Swamplot inbox (top 2), mark s. (bottom)

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