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  • Can I buy just this room, and move it to my house inside the Beltway?

  • OMG I love this resort/home from the light fixtures, kitchen cabinets, indoor bridge to the stylin’ pools and neato garden walls.
    Pro-baller’s place? It’s a shame they’re leaving it.

  • So, Tim Burton does do interior design after all.

  • I think it’s when i got to the gym that i realized that this is actually a Marriott resort property.

  • This ,,,,, what do you call it?..mega mess, was originally listed in 2009 at $11M by the forward thinking lord of the manor, with a subsequent relisting at $9.795M in 2011, succeeded by a chastened offering of $3.025M in June 2013, supplanted a scant 2 weeks later by an emboldened $4,995M pricing, ($3M doubtless a clerical error), yanked in Sept. 2013, and making its latest reappearance in Oct. 2015 at its current $5,988M. I propose a pool to speculate on our mercurial householder’s next gambit.

  • The chairs in the wine cellar make for a quality lap dance.

  • Wow, this is almost half of the asking price from its listing in 2009 ($11mm). It was relisted in 2013 at $5mm. The owner is apparently the Owner & President of Economy Inns, Inc.
    This is a sweet house.

  • This house is next door to McGrady’s House. ‘Just Sayin’

  • In 5 years this is going to look like Pierce Hawthorne’s mansion from Community. If you make things that “modern” don’t be surprised when it looks like complete garbage in a generation.

  • I’ve always wanted a TGI Friday’s inside my own home.

  • And here I thought Monster House got cancelled….

    Also, Miami Vice called. They want their house back.

  • Minor quibble….Sugar Land is two words.

  • Thanks! Fixed it.

  • Not a pro baller’s place — Indian motel owners in their 50s (maybe 60s by now).

  • My EYES!!!

  • Contractor: Sir, what color would you like for the interior?
    Owner: Every color!

  • Mr P, it’s not minor, I’ve been fighting that battle for years, and the subsequent mispronouncing of the town. It’s interesting that many businesses that moved there for tax breaks can’t even be troubled to spell the name right. People once vowed not to buy cars from Mercedes because of their wrongly spelled and pronounced TV ads. They finally corrected it. How hard can it be.

  • At least it does not have a room full of hunting trophies

  • @Mary: I agree that the space is important, but I don’t think it affects pronunciation. I always say “shugga-lan”.

  • Well it’s Sugar Land like the child’s game or music group. Never Sugarlund which is how newbies pronounce it.

  • Will always be “Sugarville” to me – just down the road from “Misery City”

  • This house makes the River Oaks House of Wow look pale in comparison. However, the River Oaks House of Wow is decidedly much better put together.