Tacos a No-Go? What’s Up with the Indian Summer Lodge?

A couple of months ago, a TABC application appeared outside the Indian Summer Lodge, Jeff Law’s quirky and colorful Quonset-Hut-turned-event-compound adjacent to the new Hike-and-Bike Trail off lower Columbia St. in the Heights. And so the rumor began that midtown’s Tacos-A-Go-Go might be moving or expanding there.

Now, however, the Indian Summer Lodge is for sale. A new listing was posted over the weekend on the MLS. The 16,170-sq.-ft. property features three buildings — the lodge, the “loft” (the Quonset hut), and a treehouse with skyline balcony.

Here’s what $775,000 gets you:


Top photo: Kabloom Landscaping

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  • This property has been on and off the market since February 2006. Looking at the Archive Report, it is interesting how the list price has changed depending on the listing agent (eight different agents over the past 3 1/2 years). A high list price of $998,000, when first listed on 2/1/06, and a unbelievable low of $495,000 on 11/17/06.

  • I hope they are looking to expand (not move). I walk there every week for dinner, and I would never forgive them if they moved!

  • I want this to happen so badly!

  • Tacos-go-go in Midtown has horrible food. The owners are nice but the food is not.

  • Yeah hard to get excited about Tacos A GoGo. Bland is what comes to mind. But with mediocre places like Onion Creek doing well, I guess trendiness is more powerful than good food.

  • My husband and I looked at it and loved it! There were not 8 realtors over time however, we know Jeff Law’s history with Indian Summer Lodge. Nor are those prices correct, we also looked at the listing history . It is pretty typical of such an unusual property to have varying prices over time , and the fluctuations of the real estate market the past few years too.
    Another issue is that there are NO comps except Jeff Law’s other incredible re habs apparently. FYI, from what we hear, the investor of Tacos A Go Go backed out when they did not get their banking lined up.
    We hope Mr Law stays put too! He needs an investor to keep this beautiful and unique place in the Historic Heights !

  • One building was listed at $495,000 at one time Mojo……..get your facts straight.
    Support this guy, stop mucking up this Shangri La on Columbia St. He’s done more for the Heights than most of us.

  • Price reduction 650K