10/11/17 10:00am

THE RISE AND DECLINE OF AMERICA’S GRANITE COUNTERTOPS OBSESSION Revising the conclusions of his “what made granite countertops so popular” story from 2 years ago, Phil Edwards notes in this new video evidence that the mania for Brazilian, Chinese, and Indian stone surfaces in U.S. kitchens and baths reached its peak about a decade ago: “2006: The granite bubble and housing bubble came at the same time. Just as laminates rode technological and construction booms in the ’50s, granite rode similar waves in the 2000s. Granite was good, but its timing made it overrated — and that might be why we’re starting to correct. The end of that chart [of worked-granite imports to the U.S.] shows a dip in granite. That’s for a lot of reasons, some of which are bigger than interior design trends. But if you watch house hunting shows you’ll see there are other materials catching on.” [Vox; previously on Swamplot] Video: Vox

04/16/09 11:55pm

COMMENT OF THE DAY: HOUSTON COUNTER CULTURE “We, too, have formica counters — rather nice-looking, attractively textured and easy-to-care-for laminate — plus a useful bit of stainless steel around the sink. Past abodes have had concrete, little 1940’s hexagonal tiles, or 1960’s 4″ tiles in the kitchen. But, yes, Cathy, all this granite business has got me to thinking about the Next Big Countertop Thing. I predict that it will be Spanish moss. Cheap, renewable, non-toxic, pleasantly yielding under a cutting board, and doubling as garnish for everything from humble casseroles to stuffed breast of veal…what’s not to like?” [Miz Brooke Smith, commenting on Neighborhood Guessing Game: Panel Discussion]

03/07/08 11:55pm

What will you find in Oak Forest? Big lots with variously updated 1950s-era ranch homes, tall oaks and pines . . . and granite countertops! Below are five homes in the neighborhood open this weekend:

1411 Candlelight Ln., Oak Forest, Houston

Location: 1411 Candlelight Ln.
Details: 4 bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths; 1,700 sq. ft.
Price: $237,000
The Scoop: 1955 ranch with kiddie playground, back patio, and carport. Bunk bed in 4th bedroom is available! New tile, granite countertops, stainless-steel appliances, fresh mulch, and much more. Listed just a week and a half ago.
Open House: Sunday, noon-4 pm

There’s more in our tour . . .