Taking Chunks Out of the Downtown Macy’s

Though we still don’t know exactly what’s replacing it, the Macy’s on Main is now well on its way to becoming nothing. The Downtown block where the Kenneth Franzheim brick box stands is bound by Main, Dallas, Travis, and Lamar. That’s now owned by 1110 Main Partners, an entity connected to Hilcorp; a source there told Swamplot about a month ago that Hilcorp employees had been shown a rendering of a “a regular looking office building tower over 20 stories high” to be built here, but that rendering hasn’t surfaced — so far. This photo shows part of the former Foley’s overhang as though bitten into by a wide-mouth excavator. And a few more shots of the demolition:


Above: A view of the first floor through windows facing Main St.

Below: Workers were seen yesterday on the eastern side of the building; several Dumpsters, like this one at the corner of Main and Dallas, had been filled.

Photos: Allyn West

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  • Ok which Cherry Demo guy is sending the pictures in lol!Can’t wait for the implosion to happen!

  • Wish we could have the new Apache tower on this site.

  • I am just wondering what is the timeline for this project.

    Folks, we are talking Main St. smack downtown. How long is this buidling going to be left standing and empty (only to be torn down and left as an empty field growing weeds…)?

  • Building will be down within 3 months! Going out with a BANG!

  • Sad to see it go the way of Woolyworth mammoth. I once ran in there on the way to a meeting to buy a blouse after dumping most of a cup of coffee on my white blouse. It was convenient lunch time shopping too.

  • Hilcorp is going to build a headquarters on site. Will include gym, day care, food, etc. High end finishes. Don’t know timeline yet

  • Great this is a coveted block, excellent for about a 102-story power tower.

    Regarding Macy’s: they should buy the old Sakowitz building and convert it into a fabulous new Macy’s. At 260,000sq ft, the old Sakowitz store will give them the smaller Downtown Houston footprint they need and desire.

    Or even better, invite Macy’s rich pretty sister Bloomingdale’s (who’s eager to come to Houston) to convert the old Sakowitz store into a 260,000 sq ft luxury Flagship right in the middle of DT Houston on Main Street. Now that would be a show-stopper!

  • JoeInTheKnow… Where can I find more info on the demo? I’d love to see it.