A Few Last Looks at Macy’s

A FEW LAST LOOKS AT MACY’S And that’s it. After 66 years, there’s no more shopping to be done. Macy’s is closed. Swamplot photographer Candace Garcia finds a perch Downtown from which to take this farewell photo of Kenneth Franzheim’s former Foley’s — and Hair Balls’ Abraham Garza goes inside for a few last looks of the liquidation as the business hours dwindled on Saturday to zero. Garza says: “The only items I saw for sale, other than fixtures and empty jewelry cases were mink coats.” [Hair Balls; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Candace Garcia

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  • I am surprised you got to take pictures. I went on the final day and tried to take pictures, but I was quickly told “no pictures”, with a camera or a phone. I am not sure why. It would have been nice to document more of the interior before it is gone. It was really sad. To think, 66 years ago, most of the city showed up on opening day. The Chronicle didn’t even run a story on the final day.

  • But the real question is; will it be imploded? That’s what I want to see.

  • Can’t wait until they knock this Kenneth Fanzheim buidling to the ground. This is the second Franzheim building in the last 12 months. I hope there are not many left.

  • please visit raymondloewy.com to learn more
    about Raymond Loewy’s work for Foley Brothers.
    What a great building, what great memories.
    The idiots at Macy’s (who look only at sales
    numbers and know nothing of Houston real estate development trends) will want this store back in five years. Guaranteed.
    And the know-nothing local news anchors (news-readers) will be sure to alert us to the all important Sunday morning implosion of Houston history. Anyone here
    ever shop and then have lunch across the street at Sakowitz Sky Terrace room?
    oh well, screw yall.

  • Pantry Boss,

    Macy’s didn’t choose to eliminate the store. The proprty owner is demo-ing this and the one accross Main for a new development.

  • … not Main, Lamar…

  • @pantryboss: Not only did I have lunch at Sakowitz’s Sky Terrace, I enjoyed many a lunch at Foley’s basement cafeteria. What memories!