Teas Nursery Buyers: We Did It for Mom

TEAS NURSERY BUYERS: WE DID IT FOR MOM The new public open space on the former site of Teas Nursery will be named Evelyn’s Park, in honor of the mother of Jerry and Bo Rubenstein — the 2 brothers whose foundation bought the 5-acre property a little more than a year ago. The deed to the property at 4400 Bellaire Blvd. between Newcastle and Mulberry Ln. was turned over to the city of Bellaire at yesterday’s city council meeting. Also set up: a nonprofit conservancy to raise funds and develop the space for recreational use. The park’s planners hope to have it open within 4 years, with gardens, water features, and possibly some sort of monument or memorial to Evelyn Rubenstein on part of the property. [Previously on Swamplot]

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  • What a great thing to do!

  • Positive news is always welcome on preserving green space.

  • This is an amazing act of philanthropy. That was a prime parcel of land in Bellaire. The donors could have made piles of money selling it or developing it. I really wish this happened more often in Houston. It is not like there is a shortage of people with deep pockets in Houston who can do something like this with what they find in their couch cushions.

  • Evelyn Rubenstein was such a kind, gracious and warm woman – family meant so much to her always. She would be pleased with the amzazing gift Jerry and Bo have given to the city of Bellaire and its citizens.

  • These good sons are a monument to their good mother.

  • Ah… I love this story!

  • This is how parks, historic preservation, museums, etc. should come about.

  • 5 beautiful green acres…inside the Loop?!

    This is just simply fucking awesome. I love it. This native Houstonian is encouraged that we can incrementally grow our city’s green space either through wonderful private efforts like Evelyn’s Park or public endeavors like Discovery Green.

  • That’s awesome! Evelyn obviously raised her kids right.