That’s Not a Buc-ee’s Going Up on Hwy. 6 at Westpark — It’s a Bucky’s

Make no mistake about the signage now up along Hwy. 6 across Schiller Dr. from the Aldi near Westpark: the travel stop it’s announcing is Nebraska-born Bucky’s — not the Texan Buc-ee’s. Construction vehicles are now pushing dirt around west of the Highway 6 RV Resort where the new complex plans to go.

Last year, Buc-ee’s filed a lawsuit against Bucky’s to stop the transplant from moving ahead with plans to build at least 6 new Houston-area locations. One Bucky’s is now open on NASA Pkwy. in Nassau Bay, but besides that, all other operational Bucky’ses are currently out of state: in Omaha, St. Louis, and the Chicago area.

Across the street, Twistee Treat Westpark is flanked by Golden Corral and a Take 5 Oil Change, and backed up by a Palace Inn:


This latest lawsuit broke the 8-year truce the 2 highway-side retailers upheld after earlier litigation in which the plaintiff and defendant were swapped: Bucky’s sued Buc-ee’s, claiming that the Texas chain’s name was too close to its own. The 2 eventually agreed that their market areas were far enough apart that customers wouldn’t get confused, and the matter was dropped. When the new Bucky’s is built, however, it’ll be around 12 miles from the nearest Buc-ee’s in Richmond and just under 13 from the one in Katy (recently honored with a Guinness World Record for the world’s longest car wash).

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  • I hope Bucky’s soaks on a name change or has a good attorney. The beav has file numerous lawsuits for DBA infringement.

  • @elchico

    Don’t count on it. These two companies have been going at this for years. The law from what I read allowed them both to operate under their own names because they weren’t in the same market area. But now both companies seem to be crossing over into one another’s market territory. Bucky’s was also founded first.

  • I used to like bucees a lot more before hearing their aggressive lawsuit practices, seemingly predatory hiring practices, and general deuchbaggery corporate behavior.

  • Agreed, commonsense.

    There are other places that have clean restrooms.

  • “predatory hiring practices”? In a market economy? Where until the past 12 months unemployment was at near record highs.

  • Please tell me where these other clean bathrooms are located!