The Added-On Geometry of a 1920s Heights Home

Somewhere under the ’80s remodeling of this angular home clad in contemporary-ish stucco and cement board lie what HCAD logs as a 1920 residence and its 1950-vintage addition. Located on a corner lot across from Reagan High School, the Houston Heights property-with-parapet hit the market Tuesday and has a $420,000 price tag.


Trees and a northern exposure seem to have provided ideal conditions for a front lawn of closely packed pavers (top).  The entry (above) lies farther down the walkway under a sort of flying buttress supporting the roof deck.

An interior of white tile and white paint links the living and dining areas in a main room that plays off its angles. There’s a wooden deck, patch of patio and glimpses of grass (at right) beyond the full-height windows and sliding doors:

The galley kitchen’s door opens to the same pavers as the front:

Both bedrooms are on the second floor, each with some combination of hidey holes, vaults, beams . . .

. . . crannies, skylights, and polygonal windows:

Both full bathrooms appear to have access to the roof deck . . .

. . . and so does one of the bedrooms:

Meanwhile, a side door and its neighboring 2-car garage front Arlington 13th, which serves the front of the school campus.

The listing pegs the home at 1,376 sq. ft. (HCAD tacks on another 483 sq. ft. and indicates a 1983 remodeling.) Either way, the current version of the house will be open Sunday afternoon.

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  • It looks like something like the Orange Show where the owner tacks on something new every now and then until you end up with a unique mish-mash and whatever was originally there is gone.

  • The garage fronts 13th Street, which, in fact, does serve the front of Reagan High School.

  • Ok wow, this is a cautionary tale. Where on Earth is the house from the 20’s? 400000+ for a tear down in The Heights, and across from Reagan?!!! uh, no thank you.

  • @Dave: Thanks! The story has been updated.

  • I never thought this house was bad at all. I’ve never seen the interior of it, and I’m not sure about it. But I always figured if you can’t add on to an old house in such a way that it pays homage to its original design, you may as well go all-out the other direction. The traffic coming and going from the school is indeed a hassle but what are you gonna do? The school’s been there for almost a century. The traffic is nominally worse on 14th street, behind the school.

  • This house is SO bizarre, I think I like it. From the walking dead zombie kitchen tile to the ‘is this a couch or a hot dog’ motif there’s something artistically odd I like about this.

  • “a 1920s Heights Home” not “an 1920s Heights Home”, right?

  • @mike: You’re right. It’s been fixed.