The Bigger Building Where Studies Will Continue at Rice University

Here’s what’s going up on the west side of the Rice University campus. Construction began back in December on the 3-story, 53,000-sq.-ft. Anderson Clark building, just off University Blvd. and behind the football stadium, that will serve as the much-larger home for the Susanne M. Glasscock School of Continuing Studies; plans describe 2 dozen new classrooms, conference space, an auditorium, and a terrace for events.

Check out some purty renderings of the finished building after the jump:


Images: Rice University (renderings); Allyn West (construction photo)

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  • Not too long before the once massive Rice Parking lot is consolidated into multi-level parking garage……new tennis complex is about to break ground as well

  • This is a pretty good building when compared to the current one. I remember looking all over campus for that ‘Continuing Studies’ building once and was taken to the strange corner of campus that that building was previously located.

    Are they they tearing down the old building? It still had some 80’s charm to it. :P

  • I’ve always appreciated how Rice has held to Crams original Byzantine stylings, they’ve allowed for some interesting interpretations, some good and some, uh not so good-Staub’s 50’s Fondren library debacle comes to mind as a –not do good –it’s hideous and it prematurely terminated the Axis–in the original plan the acreage where the colossal Rice Stadium squats like Godzilla about to eat the campus was to a Persian Garden, reminiscent of the Duke Gardens and Duke University–that part of the campus is so ugly currently, just a massive parking lot surrounding an equally massive stadium–I really never understood why Rice doesn’t tear that thing down and build something like Ford Stadium at SMU, then construct parking garages for the students and with the rest of the land create a smaller version of the original idea of the Persian Garden –as for this building –I like it

  • I suspect that Rice doesn’t tear down the stadium because there are still a lot of alumni who graduated in the 60s who give tons of money to the school and remember when the football team was kind of a big deal.

  • Not sure an on-campus garden like Duke Gardens is as necessary since Rice is across the street from Hermann Park. That said, those parking lots do need to go.

  • As poorly as they maintain the Lynn R. Lowrey Arboretum on campus I can’t see that another intensely planted garden would be a success.

  • I’m sure Rice is very well aware of the ugly Parking lot and obtrusive stadium and has a grand plan. Here’s hoping the tennis complex is done in the traditional classy Rice style like the Glasscock building.

  • Rice Stadium already has plans for it… to tear down the Southern end zone and replace it with a football “facility” and some suites. I have a better plan. Rip off both upper decks. Replace the Western one (home side) with a 5 level press box, club level, and suites. There are enough monied owls to fill 2,000 high end revenue generating seats. Then, remove the tarp from the Northern end zone, tear out the seats, and plant it with grass ala Wake Forest’s stadium. Sell $5 game day picnic seats to attract the neighbors to the “hill.” I’d go sit on the hill to watch the Owls! You’d end up with a really nice, size-appropriate stadium.

  • New stadium in Belton, Texas just opened for UMHB. University if Mary Hardin Baylor.
    Truly fabulous for the area & school sizes are about the same size Drayton McLane had much input on this facility.
    Rice should visit up here. People in the town are very supportive & enthusiasm is high.
    Rows are a little wider and reserved seating is only $10 which fills the stadium. Team is great , too, which helps. My Dad played at Rice when they beat Colorado in the 1937 Cotton Bowl! Those were some good times for Rice!
    What are “continuing studies?” One wonders, “these days.”