What You Might Find in the Center of Springwoods Village

Plans for what is to come to the master-planned, eco-minded Springwoods Village were revealed yesterday; this rendering shows the Town Center, to be located in this 1,800-acre development near the Grand Pkwy. and I-45, just a few miles south of the new ExxonMobil campus. What’s gonna be here? At first, anyway? 250 apartments — with ground-floor retail; 100,000 sq. ft. of other retail; a hotel; office space (including the brand-new Southwestern Energy HQ); stranded kayakers; and a bunch of hiking trails that encircle the Town Lake.


Renderings: CDC Houston

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  • Yes, yes, we “plan” to build a 200+ million dollar utopia, but first here’s 250 apts built cheaply with faux styling, enjoy–(oh and we’ll charge rent like it’s The Sabine)–in 20 years when it’s falling down we’ll have long sold it off (or foreclosure) and we’ll have skipped town–look, this may or may not get built, but I just get tired of these grand plans that never come to fruition, I don’t even pay attention until I see an actual structure rising, I mean look at all the reincarnations of BLVD Place, what happened to the 60 story hotel/condo etc, these developers are like a circus barker and a lot of times about as truthful

  • Shannon, you should click on a few of the links. You’ll find that it IS getting built.

  • It’s true, this shall be a fairly well bastardized rendition of urbanity and will fail to inspire anybody without being offensive. It will be cheaply-built because building excessively expensive things for people that cannot afford such things is kind of stupid. In 40 years, there is no telling what Exxon will be doing or where it will be doing it, so the possibility of a big shock to this submarket over that period of time is very high.

    But you know, the same could be said of almost anything of an investment grade over the past 20 years. Things seem fake and contrived because they are. Real estate, of course, is only the tip of a much larger iceberg. It’s in our politics, its our education, its in our food, is in our drink, its in the vehicles we drive and the houses we own. We live in a bubble of our own making; our identity is comprised of our contrivances. Welcome to postmodernity.

  • Wow, that seems so…urban. Guess the suburbanites will have to flee even further outward. Next stop…Hunstville?

  • @TheNiche – Well stated, it’s all just made up. We are and society is but caricatures contrived from how we imagine times before to have been or in trying to realize a future we imagined years and years ago.

  • I wonder if all the east coasters back in the 18th and 19th centuries complained like the commenters around here: “Ahahaha, silly Detroit/Chicago/any city west of here. Just trying to “emulate” our utopian urbanity.”

    Or maybe they just said, “good for them, new places being founded/developed/built. America is a pretty awesome place.”

  • Niche and Jason,

    It’s always been made up.

  • Living in Central Texas after life and business in Kingwood for 30 years. Like going to Heaven out of the god for saken traffic inching along, wasting years and minutes of people’s lives.
    Truthfully, no developers care much about 20-30 years from now.
    But, the “government” loves, loves, loves, having all of it’s minions in “the CITY.”
    Much easier to control the masses as in the Katrina aftermath. Get out while you can!