The Greatest Horrors Lurking in a Heights Haunted House

What’s clearly frightening about the home for sale at 806 Oxford St. in the Heights: Its listing photos, posted last week, capture the property in full Halloween dress-up mode. At front, rows of draped ghouls festoon the double-porch streetfront façade of the 3-year-old mansionette (above).

And the freak show continues inside the house, as costumed mannequins have been artfully arranged in holiday set pieces. Here, a bloody zombie sits at the head of the dining-room table, while a creepy butler stands by, ready to serve:


In the main entry and living room of the 4-bedroom, 4-and-a-half-bath home, witches and other haunting figures peer longingly out the windows:

The holiday theme doesn’t carry through at full strength in all the listing photos, however. In the kitchen, a few candles, mugs, and figures are set out on the island:

And the bar appears to offer a bit of respite from the goings-on in the main rooms.

But possibly the scariest images in the listing are the ones where the Halloween decorations recede to the background, providing only a surprising jolt to an otherwise staid scene. In the master bedroom and laundry room, for example, unexpected ghosts hide just outside a window:

Meanwhile, views of the side patio and pool appear almost completely normal . . . until you notice the strange figures lurking indoors:

Perhaps most alarming of all: the looming shadow in the shower. Is it only the shower head . . . or something else?

Back in the master closet, hanging clothes reprise the tableau of frights out front:

Asking price for the 4,376-sq.-ft. home: $1,348,000.

Trick or Treat?