The Latest Parking Solution at the River Oaks Shopping Center

What’s going on with these newly created tall-suspension-only parking spots outside Marfreless behind the River Oaks Shopping Center — at the corner of Peden and McDuffie? “This story all began with a strip of grass,” explains Brinn Miracle, who documented the strip’s disappearance, its re-landscaping, the replacement of the landscaping with a ramp, the removal of the ramp, and finally, the appearance of the configuration you see here. Sure, It may look like a couple of parking spaces bisected by a row of wheel stops, but don’t let your eyes fool you: As careful study and comparison of her photos looking west (above) and east (below) should make clear, half of each space is now meant to serve as a sidewalk . . .


. . . it’s just not exactly clear which one.

Photos: Brinn Miracle

3 Comment

  • It’s the new ,improved 2 in 1 motorcycle/scooter/sidewalk configuration! Brought to us by WRI and ROSC !!! It’s parking lite…Yeehaw.. Or WRI being really cheap.

  • It is WRI being passive aggressive, not unlike code enforcement. Honestly I will miss those two parking spaces.

  • Will be watching with some fascination to see how many cars end up high-centered on them per week. I’ll go ahead and set the over-under at 7.