The Long Roads Behind

THE LONG ROADS BEHIND Smile Lounge, 4348 Telephone Rd., HoustonWhat’s changed in the last 5 or so years along stretches of Richmond Ave, Long Point, Washington Ave, Bissonnet, Telephone Rd., Clinton Dr., Harrisburg, Airline Dr., South Post OakBellaire Blvd. and other unlikely pedestrian paths? It’s been a good half-decade since formerHouston Press writer John Nova Lomax and his Marfa-headed sidekick David Beebe dared to walk their lengths and chronicle their adventures along the way. [Houstonia] Photo of Smile Lounge, Telephone Rd.: John Nova Lomax      

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  • I miss Sole of Houston.

  • I’ve started hiking around Houston just for the fun it. As a life-long Houstonian, I’m surprised about how walkable most of the inner-core is. Recently, I walked from the Galleria around to Memorial/Shepard, back through Memorial park, and back to the Galleria. It was about 15 miles which any non-athlete (I’m one), could do in about 4 1/2 hours (depends on your breaks!).

    There are some obvious spots where sidewalks are missing, but a quick skooch over to the side of the street often gets you back on concrete. I’m surprised at generally the quality of the crossing lights and lanes for pedestrians.

    Anyway, put on your day pack and go!

  • Devin, Houston has flat geography going for its walkability, but the climate and infrastructure definitely don’t do it any favors.