The Nanny Didn’t Do It

THE NANNY DIDN’T DO IT In a statement released last Friday, council member Al Hoang clarifies statements he made earlier to the Chronicle and KHOU 11 News’s Jeremy Rogalski that appeared to place blame for the forging of 16 neighbors’ signatures on a nanny no longer employed by Hoang’s family. The signatures were gathered for a petition requesting the name of Hoang’s street be changed from Turtlewood Dr. to Little Saigon Dr. “I have never placed blame on my former personal assistant, as some stories have portrayed,” the statement reads. “I have clearly said that the homeowners association tendered the petition to my assistant at home, not that she maliciously forged that petition.” Hoang says he welcomes the Office of Inspector General investigation into the incident, which Mayor Parker announced last week. [Houston Politics; previously on Swamplot]

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  • Sure.. Blame the nanny..

  • C’mon, all he is saying is that the nanny didn’t “maliciously forge” the names on the petition, she did it with a head full of wonderful, positive, innocent intentions!

  • Basically taxpayers are going to pay for one bureaucrat to investigate another (elected) bureaucrat. This sounds like a great way for our fine city to utilize our hard earned dollars, because we know the chance of any serious repercussions are near zero, see the Yolanda Jones investigation.

  • Screw that Poop! If that goues throughthemn i want my street to be call Princess Counsuela Banana Hammock Boulevard!!!! No HOA and 4 of the seven house are Gays like me. Hell i’ll even by the new street signed in fluorescent pink.

  • From Wayne S:
    Why doesnt anyone think there is something terribly wrong with naming a street anywhere in the United States. “little saigon”. More to the point, how can we elect someone as a councilman in Houston, who wishes to try to turn some portion of this town into a facsimile of another country, one which we lost soldiers in, albeit they do not mind the riches from graft they can obtain here.
    Frankl I try to be open minded but this disgusts me.

  • coment of the day from beachykween

  • @WayneS:

    Please try to be a little bit open minded, Houston has a very large, thriving Vietnamese community. To insinuate that naming anything in the US after anything Vietnamese is offensive is just nonsense.

    Have you not noticed the language some of the street signs in midtown are in (or used to be)?

  • Sorry for the poor English. I was flaming when I read that post.

  • I fully agree Wayne. I would also suggest that we should change the names of any towns or cities with German names. After all we lost thousands of troops in multiple wars with Germany.

  • Trying to change the name of a residential subdivision into Little Saigon Dr., instead of a major street, to promote tourism and economic development is stupid, and forging the signatures on the petition in order to get it done is just Hoang.

  • BeechyKween – flame on, but I would instead consider Vida Boheme Ave. With the Houston connection to Swayze, you’re more likely to get the signatures.

  • Hey Wayne, read your history- it’s not like he was trying to name it “Little Hanoi”

  • This is yet another ploy by the mayor to get council mems to vote her way. There is another big issue about to pop up – historical districts -, a n d Mr Hoang happens to be against them. She is going to make sure she gets it her way or else you will be investigated. Not ONLY we she start the investigation, but also be the mediator for it as well, lol! What a great sham, I mean, show!

  • @Miss has hit it right on the head. This has nothing to do with changing the name of the street. The bottomline is that Councilman Hoang has chosen to go against Mayor Parker on certain issues, so she’s sabre rattling.

  • Why don’t the affected council members go completely public on her tactics?

    I don’t like ‘mud slinging’ but if she truly is playing dirty, then it needs to be known.